• Type of project: Scenery objects, background sounds

    Name of project: DW Objects

    Involved persons: Dark_Wolf, ak_timur, textures.com, uvtextures.com (see Readme.txt for more)

    Details: In this thread I'll upload my phototextured objects and background sounds.

    Copyright: Not for commercial use. You are allowed to use and upload these objects on your maps, and include them in the download. Credits are appreciated but you are allowed not to do so.

    Houses pt.1

    Wooden 2-floor houses with nightmaps and winter textures.


    Houses pt.2

    Typical Russian country houses with nightmaps.



    5 barns with winter textures.


    Painted tyres for gardens

    Painted tyres with different colors.


    City birds

    Alpha-masked jackdaws (with soundcube) and pigeons.


    Hay bales

    Hay bales with winter textures and seasonal visiblity.


    Countryside sounds

    Birds, ducks, dogs and roosters, night cricket sounds.


    Domestic birds

    Alpha-masked chicken and geese for beautiful rural sceneries.


    If you like my objects, you can help me by donating on PayPal:

    All donations are 100% voluntarily and highly appreciated.

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