MAP Réseau HorizonBus // Horizon16

  • Welcome to the HorizonBus bus company ! Discover the agglomeration of Châteauroux Métropole composed of 100 000 inhabitants by driving on the various virtualized lines in the game.

    With the real lines 1, 2 and 8 leave the city center or the fields edges then cross the various districts of the city.

    If you are not afraid by heavy traffic, take the A20 highway on the CSL line and go head straight to MACH36 !

    Finally, if you prefer to do a short service and flexible timetable, take your bus to drive on the SCOLAIRE line on wednesday or saturday.

    The durations of the line 1 and line 2 are scheduled to 30 minutes, 25 minutes for the line 8. The two others lines (CSL and SCO) have a duration of 12-15 minutes.

    The official download page with more informations :…IP-R-seau-Horizon-Bus.htm

    The official download link :!hM0USSQL!ocv…WJUyTeSDhZfBsRpfmg8c5kznE

    I'm sorry to do not write in German but i'm french and it is difficult to me, that's why a have written this subject in English.

    Moreover, this subject is create to present this project and to help you if you have some problems with the map.

    I wish you a good game on Horizon16. ;)

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  • Hi Heuliez427,

    can't wait to try this map. In the AI list however operates the Karosa Bus, which is not mentioned in the manual. Do you have any information and what's even more important a Hof File for the BUSE display of that bus?

    Merci pour partager ce carte avec la communité

    Kind regards Achim

    Für mich ist es nur ein kleiner Tritt auf die Bremse, für alle anderen ein großer Schritt nach vorne! (Busfahrerweisheit)