Aesys KC640 + LED Display (developer pack)

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  • Type of download: Developer Pack

    Name of project: Aesys KC640 / Aesys LED Display

    Involved persons:

    • fuljo (me)

    3rd-party content:

    • Original Vollmatrix script by M-R Software
    • Krueger+ mod
    • LED Display Textures by Italien83

    Project description:

    This project aims to share the two Aesys devices seen in the Autodromo Busotto with addon developers and modders, so they can implement them in other buses as well.

    The packs include everything needed for this purpose: blender project, textures, scripts, developer guidelines and user manual (only for the KC640).

    For more information on the features of the KC640 please read the included manual or try it on the Busotto.


    The KC640 is an on-board display control unit developed and manufactured by Aesys, as part of its Standard Sign System. Its primary function is to transmit messages and/or destinations to the destination sign system. It is responsible for the management of all communications with associated signs and provides a user-friendly interface.

    Functionally, it is the on-board device for selecting the line code and/or the destination of the vehicle. The operator can use the CCU’s LCD to verify that the destination message or code number selected with the keyboard is the one he wishes to display, before sending the command to actually display the message.

    to actually display the message.

    This addon tries to be as accurate and realistic as possible in replicating the KC640, so the operation mode is different from the standard IBIS (there are no routes, announcement and delay).

    LED Display:

    This display is just a little modification of the Krueger+ 0.6+2ε, with textures and fonts by Italien83. These modifications make the display compatible with the Aesys KC640 control unit. Only a monochrome orange LED version is provided, but an experienced developer can get a full-colour version pretty easily, using the standard textures from the Krueger+ mod.

    Download link:


    LED Display:…


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