FAINSA Arianne seats (developer pack)

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  • Type of download: Developer pack

    Name of project: FAINSA Arianne

    Involved persons:

    • fuljo (me)

    Project details:

    This project aims to share the Arianne seats manufactured by spanish FAINSA (seen in the Autodromo Busotto) with addon developers and modders, so they can implement them in other buses as well.

    The packs include everything needed for this purpose: blender project, textures and developer guidelines.

    Three versions of the Arianne are provided: Urban (plastic), Suburban (plastic and fabric) and Interurban (fabric cushions).

    For more details read the manual in the pack.

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/…9fd9dg/FAINSA_Arianne.zip


  • Staaken79

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  • That's fantastic. If I develop a bus it's super nice to have this resource, and also for modding, also because my childhood was surrounded by buses with FAINSA Arianne seats.

    Also, for curiosity, did any German bus go equipped with those seats?

  • frankrodIII

    Idk and never seen any german busses with these seats, but I know for sure they are in use in the KT4D trams of the Thüringer Wald Bahn in Gotha. These trams were used in Erfurt before they came to Gotha, so the EVAG Erfurt ordered all their KT4Ds with them.

  • @frankrodlll:

    I also have never seen any German busses with these seats.

    But I remember this type of seats in the T4D-trams in Leipzig

    Repaint's aus dem bayrischen Voralpenland

  • frankrodIII

    I have seen a German bus equipped with those seats.

    It was a VanHool A320, built in 2001, bought by Van Gerven Reisen from Olpe (Biggesee).

    After Van Gerven got insolvent, the bus was sold to the Verkehrsbetriebe Westfalen-Süd from Siegen.

    In 2013 the Bus got out of service and finally was scrapped in 2016.