Linienpack V3 für/Line mod V3 for Ahlheim&Laurenzbach Updated

  • Name of project: Linienpack für/Line pack for Ahlheim&Laurenzbach Updated

    Involved persons: Me (T2F2C)

    Project details: Line pack bring you some of old lines, for example 23 to Stadttor or "ALX" to Laurenzbach (with changes in routes). Also you can drive other 4 new lines - AE, 23, NE47, NE48 and E.

    This modification was created for Ahlheim&Laurenzbach Updated (you can download it on webdisk)!

    This mod brings:

    AE: Ahlheim Hbf - Derenhofen - Laurenzbach Hbf - Flughafen (~50 min)

    E: Ahlheim Hbf - ICB-Halle (only on Saturday)(~10 min)

    23: Ahlheim Hbf - Laurenzbach Hbf - Willy-Brandt-Platz - Westende (~75 min)

    NE47: Ahlheim Hbf - Wheiler See (~40 min)


    • Flughafen - Laurenzbach Hbf - Ahlheim Hbf (~55 min, direct line)
    • Flughafen - Laurenzbach Hbf - Schnatenberg - Banscheid - Derenhofen - Ahlheim Hbf (~85 min)

    For proper functionality you need:

    Ahlheim&Laurenzbach Updated

    Hamburg Tag&Nacht

    * Modification doesn´t rewrite any basic files from map

    Download link:…for-a-l-updated/#overview

    - Neue Fahrpläne sind ab dem 01.01.2020 fahrbar! Lesen Sie vor der Installation die ReadMe!

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  • 1.Very nice extension for the map!

    2.I have a question:I didnt find any information about line or route numbers/codes for the ibis.

    So may you could add these information in the readme .

    Greetings from Germany

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