Chronological Function tutorial?

  • Good evening. Since I was working on a converted map from OMSI 1 to 2 for private use, one of the implementations was the usage of the Chronological function, mostly for the change of objects, lines, AI usage and so on. The problem is, the only thing I could work on that was just the line deactivation and AI changes, since the chrono part for the rest I can't figure out on how to work on and I'm not sure where to start... I know a tutorial somewhere on this forum on how to make changes using the chrono function, but it's in German and I really don't understand that well and translating doesn't help either. So I'm asking if there's a way to understand on how to work on it, please? Even in small examples, just to help clear out on how to do it. Thanks in advance :):thumbup:

    Any replies in English are acceptable, since I don't understand German that well

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