OMSI 2 - Bus Creation Assistance (not a request)

  • Hi, I've started creating my own bus and I've encountered several issues.

    I've used someone elses bus as a template (I don't plan to release this bus until I can learn on a template before going from scratch) and I can't seem to get the bus to be rotated properly, it's angled up.

    The original [mesh] section for the main body of the bus is this:

    I added this:

    thinking it would help, with the coordinates as they are in blender. Upon doing so though, I can't get it to work!

    See attached images for my issue

  • You need to experiment with the Blender .x exporter settings, you can select which coordinate system and orientation it should use.

    Try to change it around, export, and check if it is oriented correctly in OMSI.

    Rotating around everything with newanim-s is a bad way of doing things, as it will make your model.cfg more cluttered, longer and thus slower to read for OMSI.

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