Neue BVG wagen ADL

  • As far as i know it were multiple reasons for why MAN decided not to take part in this order, i'd guess for example creating a whole new assembly line just for the BVG and the fact that the BVG is not what you would call your best customer.

  • As for the SBST one, MAN only provides the chassis, engine and cockpit systems. The rest is done by a foreign company which specialises in doing bodyworks for the asian market. Double deckers are very popular in Asia - especially Singapore and Hong Kong. In Germany Neoman would build the entire bus - from chassis to body and only for one single transport company (BVG) which is simply unprofitable in the long term. And I guess that is the main reason.

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  • Because BVG felt the Alexander Dennis product was superior? The Enviro platform is in use globally. Just because they're in Germany doesn't automatically give a home team advantage to MAN. The previous DL05 etc. weren't exactly well-received by BVG.