[EN] New Era Transit 7.2 (UPDATE: 7.2.3 - 7/19/19)

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    Name of project: New Era Transit - 7.2

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    Welcome to New Era!
    This is the Public Release of Version 7.2, a remastered version of previous itterations of the map.

    This version features a completely overhauled map which was remade from scratch, fixing Chrono issues, adding scenery, and two brand new terminals!

    New Era City is based off the real life city of New York. The transit company New Era Transit services the 5 regions/boroughs (like districts) of New Era, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Be a city driver on multilane roads with never ending traffic. The current map features 2 boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    A short list of all the amazing features in the map!

    • 8 Lines serving 2 different boroughs.
    • 3 AI Lines to provide realism and depth.
    • Short Turns and Deviations from regular routing.
    • Dedicated bus lanes and Busy city driving
    • Frequent bus service scheduling; see other buses pass by!
    • Routes operate up to 3 Minute frequencies during peak hours, and one bus stop can see a bus every minute.
    • More than 200+ tiles!
    • Full installation and map support through discord
    • Completely new South Ferry Bus Terminal. Features 13 different Bus Stops and 3 Layover zones.
    • Greystone Depot! Terminating buses layover outside the bus depot and provides easy access to returning buses.
    • 6 Lane Bridge under construction. navigate through cones and pits and travel single file down a heavy-use bridge.

    Please note that since this not a completed map, there are still some tiles missing scenery. We are always looking for help. If you enjoy this map, you can help the development, including making announcements, which is planned for the next update. We are also looking for help to make a comprehensive route map, which can fit 30+ lines in a reasonable size.

    Readme + list of lines:


    Take a look around New Era City!

    More photos can be found in the WIP Page here.

    Download Links
    Make sure to read everything to correctly install the map!


    Download Full Map Package v7.2: https://neweratransit.wixsite.com/home/downloads

    Download Manual: https://docs.google.com/docume…eOlZDr0/edit?usp=drivesdk

    Discord Support: https://discord.gg/JPAkGgt

    Hotfixes: Please refer to the website above to get the latest releases!

    Changelog: This is not always the most updated. Please refer to download package changelog.

    Need Help?
    We have a support team ready to!

    If the map is not working for any reason, make sure to let us know in this forum post or, more preferably, ask us on the Discord Server for a quicker response. We will be pushing hotfixes and updating the main packages above to fix all bugs and issues with the map. Click here!

    Videos and Presentation

    Please include in the description a link to the New Era Transit website, https://neweratransit.wixsite.com/home/downloads. This will ensure that your viewers always get the most up to date link of the map. The individual Google Drive links will change each update.

    What's Next?
    It's not over yet!

    Here's just some of the things we haveplanned for future versions of the map:

    • Schedule mod with one tour serves multiple routes.
    • Announcements accurately reflecting New York City.

    We hope you enjoy the map! Please do not reupload this map on any other server without permission, thank you!

    - The New Era City Team

    OMSI 2 English Content


    New Era Homepage: https://neweratransit.wixsite.com/home/downloads

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  • My appologies, you can find the original link to the file here. You only need to install the folder OMSI 2\Splines in order to get the file loaded. If you have any problems that still exist, you can join the discord support serverand we will help you much quicker there.

    We will be releasing a hotfix containing items from this map included with the New Era Download soon, but we are in the process of getting permission.

    OMSI 2 English Content


    New Era Homepage: https://neweratransit.wixsite.com/home/downloads

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  • Damn it!

    I waited an american map since long time!

    I'll download it and play all lines, but I have the impression that your work is underrated! :)

    EDIT: Finally, this map was a disappointment, I didn't finish my route. The map is too empty, it seems not finished, there are some bugs like passengers who come onto the street, there are intersections without signs, this point isn't a problem itself, but what is the logic? Some vehicles stop, other monopolize the way, etc... in a nutshell, I'm sorry but this map was a big big disappointment, mostly when I saw pics.

  • I have downloaded this map. The map concept is nice and i hope that more versions of this map will be released. The big problem ist that the map is at some tiles too empty.

    Another problem is, that OMSI isnt skipping the station. I think this occurs because of the bus stop cubes.

    In the end, its a nice map with much potential.

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