Need help with dashboard gearbox buttons

  • Hello!

    This is my first OMSI2 mod, I'm doing a mod of Solaris Urbino IV.

    I added more buttons to the gear selector. And I have this problem:

    when it's daytime they look good but when it's dark looks like highlighted.

    I don't think is a problem with the texture because I used the same colors and tones I think.

    I used blender and another program called "3d object converter".

    I exported the .obj with this configuration:

    And then I used 3d object converter to convert it to .o3d

    And I added this to the .cfg file:

    How can I fix it?

  • TheFMrr hello!

    Thanks for your answer, yes I saw this plugin but the download link not works. Do you have a download link of that plugin that works?

    I would really appreciate it.


    I think that the problem is the exporter, I changed the diffuse of the material and the problem persists. The problem that I have with OmsiXConv is that when I export the .x to .o3d then in OMSI 2 the object not appears.

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