[urbino electric]

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  • Ich habe mir den Urbino electric runtergeladen.

    Erst habe ich hier das Solaris Mega Pack runtergeladen und

    dann hier den urbino electric und alles überschrieben.

    Nun kommt immer die Fehlermeldung "Intergerüberlauf" wenn ich zb. den BVG electric platzieren will. Das passiert aber auch bei den anderen Modellen.

    Was kann ich tun?

  • Good evening ,

    242 20:34:44 - - Warning: File vehicles\Solaris Urbino PL\Model\model_Urbino 12 Electric Jaworzno.cfg: texture filename 05.png not found in mesh file vehicles\Solaris Urbino PL\model\Urbino_12_3doors_MOKI\Tuer_VH_2.o3d!

    According to the logfile , it seems like you have installed the Solaris Electric directly into the Solaris PL file.

    maybe follow these instructions :

    ->install and make a copy of the Solaris Urbino PL folder and rename it (i.e into Solaris_Electric)

    ->in the copied file , delete all the .bus from the Solaris PL

    ->then in there , extract the files from the Solaris_Electric.rar and overwrite everything.

    This worked on my side. ;)

  • thank you, it works. but only for the BVG Version.

    When i want to place another bus it makes the same problem.

    EDIT: Now the BVG Bus cant placed too.

    Edited 2 times, last by Spanky: EDIT: Now the BVG Bus cant placed too. ().