Blindenaußenansagen bei Türfreigabe?

  • Err I would need to test this to know for sure, Matthias M , but from skimming over I don't think it will work as intended. For one, I think that a negative IBIS_RouteIndex signals an invalid route, so no announcement should be played then -- but that is obviously specific to the particular IBIS script. More importantly though, what would happen if you open/close the front door(s) multiple times at that same stop (because it's cold, for example)? Or when you trigger the emergency door opening valve and the door wing(s) coincidentally decide to get stuck at precisely 50% opening degree? I think it would be more robust to handle this directly via the stop brake engagement status, or rear door clearance status, while saving (in a separate variable) the fact that the announcement already got triggered once, so as to avoid unnecessary repetition unless the stop indeed has changed.

    Give me an hour or two -- I'm working on a more complete example for the standard NL/NG scripts, to demonstrate how both cases (scheduled trip vs "free roam") ought to be handled.

  • So as promised here are a few thoughts of my own on how such a function should look like in practice. I should note beforehand that it only applies to the standard Vehicles\MAN_NL_NG\MAN_EN92_main.bus (probably the GN92 too), because solely querying the game's timetable is not enough in order to support the case where a) the user has not selected a timetable, and b) where the user has not configured the IBIS (and thus no kind of announcement playback should occur, for the sake of realism). Instead, the IBIS and/or matrix scripts must then be queried, so as to figure out what line and terminus the user has configured on those systems. And since the IBIS and matrix scripts of different vehicles are not necessarily identical, the variables relied on by the batch to be given below might turn out invalid, or contain values that are semantically different than those expected, under different vehicles. I should also stress that this is a demo -- I've spent a few hours on it and it appears bug-free, at least on Grundorf, but I can't guarantee anything besides that.

    To install:

    1. Add the following into Vehicles\MAN_NL_NG\Sound\sound_EN92.cfg:

    2. Into the trigger section of Vehicles\MAN_NL_NG\Script\IBIS-2.osc, add the following extra one:

    You can use that trigger to cause manual playback of the exterior announcement, in those cases where that won't happen automatically; for example when the terminus of one trip does not coincide with the initial stop of the next one, as is the case at Grundorf, Bauernhof; or when, for whatever reason, you intentionally want playback at the same stop to occur more than once.

    3. Into the same file as in (2), right before the closing {end} of the IBIS_frame macro, add the following:

    4. Right at the very bottom of the same file as in (2), append the following:

    5. Append the following to Vehicles\MAN_NL_NG\Script\IBIS_varlist.txt:

    6. Append the following to Vehicles\MAN_NL_NG\Script\IBIS_stringvarlist.txt:

    7. In your .cti-files you can configure the following:

    • IBIS_cti_enable_ext_announcements: Enables (1) or disables (0) exterior announcements in general.
    • IBIS_cti_enable_special_terminus_ext_announcements: Enables (1) or disables (0) playback of one alternative, "special" exterior announcement per hof, upon arrival at a terminus (e.g. "Dieser bus endet hier, bitte nicht einsteigen").

    8. You can drop your exterior announcements into Vehicles\Announcements\<hof-name>\ext. Each such announcement must follow the format


    where <terminus-string> must match the very first string of the corresponding .hof-file terminus entry. Additionally, "special" terminus announcements must be named terminus_special.wav.

    * * *

    A few more notes:

    • To cause exterior announcement playback at the next stop, you must manually cause the IBIS stop index to advance, while moving. This patch does intentionally not support automatic stop progression, because it would feel out of place with that particular IBIS. The only case where two exterior announcements may play automatically at the same stop, is when you change your IBIS/matrix line and/or destination.
    • Playback of exterior announcements, even when user-triggered, only occurs when the vehicle is stopped and the rear auto door clearance switch (bremse_halte_sw in the standard scripts) has been activated. The manual stop brake engagement switch (door_20h_sw) has no effect.
    • Normally, playback of the exterior announcement occurs 1 second after stopping and activating door clearance. When line or destination have been changed while stopped, the delay is 5 seconds. When manual playback is triggered, there is no delay.
    • This patch relies on the following variables that are specific to the particular IBIS and matrix scripts used by the NL/NG: IBIS_RouteIndex, IBIS_busstop, IBIS_TerminusIndex, and Matrix_Nr. If you intend to integrate this patch with a different IBIS/matrix combo, you will likely have to replace some or all of these variables with whatever equivalent variables these scripts offer.

    * * *

    I'll be monitoring this thread in case someone wants to report a significant bug concerning the above. Note however that this is still meant to serve as a demo, and I don't intend for it to become a full-blown mod.

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