Can you help me please?

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  • look like this I'm from Serbia and I have a Belgrade map installed which is the capital of Serbia but I don't know why this map doesn't work for me when I put a line like 45 and enter up there where the route says there is no such thing as "Zeleni Venac" there is no such thing .. .I don't know why..Could you please help me? I want to drive normally..Thank you.. #OMSI2BESTGAMEFOREVER

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    Pošto vidim da ti Engleski nije nešto dobar, sudim da pokušavas da kažeš da kada ukucaš tu liniju na IBIS-u ili preko menija ne ukucava se linija i/ili destinacija. E sad može biti da nisi izabrao pravi HOF za Beograd,drugo moze biti ako imas neki autobus sa BUSE pokazivačem linije(recimo Karosa busevi u OMSI 2 imaju BUSE displej) mora se koristiti poseban BUSE HOF( na ovom linku imas taj BUSE HOF za Beograd i taj HOF radi samo na busevima opremljenim sa BUSE pokazivačem linije).

    Nadam se da sam ti pomogao.

    P.S ako imaš još neko pitanje u vezi ovog problema, slobodno mi se javi putem privatne poruke na forumu.


    Well I see that your English is not particulary good,so I'll guess that you want to say that when you try to type the line on IBIS or using the menu the line and/or destination doesn't show on destination display. Eh... now it can be that you haven't choose the correct HOF for Belgrade, the second could be that you wanted to type the line on the bus that is equipped with BUSE destination display(for example Karosa buses have the BUSE destination displays) you must choose the BUSE HOF one( on his link is BUSE HOF file for Belgrade and this HOF works only on BUSE equipped buses).

    I hope that I helped you.

    P.S if you have another question regarding this problem feel free to contact me via PM in this forum.