Störungen im Bus planen

  • Hey,

    Ich wollte fragen, ob es möglich ist, in einem Bus Störungen zu Planen (z. B. Motorausfall) oder ob es zufällig ist.



    Eine Gute Fahrt wünscht Oskar's Busse!

  • Hi,

    The short answer is "it depends on the scripts of each vehicle". Generally speaking, unless you can script yourself (or deliberately crash your bus), you cannot trigger or exactly "plan out" a malfunction. Yet for most vehicles out there, as a rule of thumb, the worse your configured maintenance setting, and the older your spawned vehicle is (relative to the in-game date), the more likely malfunction occurrence gets.

    For the standard OMSI MANs specifically, the following apply:

    • "Hard" failures of the engine, the transmission, and the electrical components occur randomly, as well as due to collision damage. The random factor is proportional to the maintenance frequency setting of the game.
    • Specifically for the battery however, the vehicle's age is additionally used in order to assign the age of its battery, which in turn affects the battery's capacity and overall malfunction affinity.
    • The occurrence frequency of burnt-out light sources is proportional to the aforementioned global maintenance setting, but also the average lifetime configured for each kind of light source via the corresponding lights_constfile_xxx.txt. Theoretically, if one drives the same spawned vehicle instance long enough, more and more lights should progressively burn out.
    • Certain "soft" failures, like squeaking brakes, but also secondary attributes such as door speed, are randomly assigned as "features" to individual vehicles, based on their operator-specific identification number. Thus, whenever you spawn, say, vehicle with identification number = "123", you would always witness those same characteristics.

    For other vehicles the answer may differ. Some don't support any but the most basic malfunctions, while others support more fine-grained schemes. Morphi's enhanced versions of alTerr's Citaros, for example, provide additional user-configurable constants that affect, among other things, door errors. Thus if you want more flexibility, I would definitely encourage you to learn scripting.

  • Also vom Prinzip her ist das ganze zufällig, aber du kannst dir einstellen, ob solche Störungen vermehrt oder gar nicht vorkommen sollen. Dazu einfach in den Optionen den Wartungszustand einstellen (unendlich=nie Störungen, sehr schlecht=viele Störungen)

    LG dari19