Rocar De Simon family

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  • Type of project: (Bus)

    Name of project: Rocar De Simon U412-2x0 family

    Involved persons: me, Renault_Safra_ER100 (so far)

    Estimated construction time: no earlier than fall 2020.

    Help needed: yes; with certain scripts (inquiries will be made at the proper sub-forum when necessary)

    Details: A break from the German buses presented around here and also the first (partially) romanian bus in OMSI. :)

    This bus was produced by Rocar (for many years the only Romanian bus manufacturer) between 1995 and 2003, based on a De Simon-licensed body. Although the italian flavour is obvious, bearing resemblances with the ubiquitous Inbus U210FT, the romanian-made versions had significant differences given by the german-sourced components (such as the MAN D0826LUH engine, the Voith D851 transmission) and domestic ones (the flip-dot matrix and announcement system). Around 370 buses were made in the 8-year course, the vast majority of them (340) ending up at RATB (Regia Autonomă de Transport București - Bucharest's public transport operator). The last of these were withdrawn in august 2011.

    This mod is intended to recreate the most known versions of the bus, such as the early-series models (U412-230, like this one) and the most wide-spread version (U412-260, shown in-game). Other derivatives are planned and will be shown at the right time.


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  • Meanwhile, I remodeled the body significantly and added some exterior details.

    You know you're doing the right thing when you almost can't tell the difference between your model and the reference picture ;)

  • So far I've tried to be as accurate as possible, but due to the lack of photos and information regarding the early-production models, I only rely on my (pretty spot-on but not always enough) intuition and whatever details I gather from people who knew their way around these machines.

  • I just realised I forgot to update the progress I've made at the bus :D

    A part of the dials and checklights are finished, and also some small details from the cab.

  • Due to the major recent changes regarding this forum's policy, I shall not keep this thread updated until amends are made in the proper way. Those of you interested in my project can keep up with news on my Facebook Page or the dedicated topic on the WebDisk.

    I therefore ask a moderator to close this thread.

    Thank you!

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