How to create a "Vollmatrix"?

  • Just as the title says, I would like to know how to create a vollmatrix in Blender. The GN92 construction diary doesn't seem to explain. From what information I've gathered, I have to create 2 identical meshes: one for the "empty" texture and the other one for the "full" texture. Whether I export them as a single .x file or as separate .x files, even if I copy the appropriate entries from the EN92/model.cfg file, the game only shows me the mesh with the "full" texture. Something along the procedure is wrong, but what?

    Also, how can I create my own characters for the line display? My bus uses the same fonts for the 2-row destination display as the EN/GN92 (although only the 7x7 and 16x9) but some unique ones for the line display and single-row destination display.

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