FPS gets lower and lower over time, but reloading the game with the same scenario restores FPS

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  • 1. Which version of OMSI 1 or OMSI 2 is being used?

    OMSI 2

    2. How often does the problem occur and how? (Error message, but playable / Crash / Freeze / ...)

    All the time. Whenever I load up a game, it usually starts at around 50-60FPS around most of the map, and even if I start in a very resource-heavy area it dips down to only 40FPS, but as I drive along, the FPS keeps falling gradually until it becomes 15FPS or lower and is unplayable. Restarting the game with the exact same scenario and save will "restore" the FPS, but it will again slowly drop down.

    3. Which action leads to the problem? (Place a new bus / Driving on schedule / ...)

    Driving on schedule

    4. Which content was used? (Map, busses, ...)

    All maps and buses, but most recently Berlin X10 and VanHool AGG300 (1998)

    5. Which mods or plugins were used? (SweetFX, ...)


    6. Logfile in spoiler or attached

    7. System information (OS, RAM, CPU, ...)

    OS: Windows 10 20H2

    CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X

    RAM: 64GB DDR4-3466 CL14

    GPU: RTX 2080 Ti FE

    Storage: Corsair MP510 M.2 NVMe

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