Solaris PL how to block 1.door

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  • hi i have a question i don't know how to block people from trying to get to the front door or stand in front of them but to use the other doors of the bus model i have solaris urbino pl pack
    I've tried something before, but it always ended badly I just want to lock the front door so they can't use it because a corona thanks for any help

  • Janine

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  • Hey!

    I watched one year ago a video about this. Here is it:

    But it is in German. You can activate the English subtitles, but actually you don´t need them, because -the scenes in the video are easy to understand;)-

    But you don´t have to delete the text, which is in the video shown, instead you´re change the "1", I hope there is one, to a "2". This should be working.

    I hope, it can helps you!


    PS: My English is not the "yellow from the egg";)

    PS2: Greetings from Germany!:)