Weird FPS behaviour

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  • My FPS drops by about 10 whenever I activate the mirrors. No matter what I put in the "Min. Obj. Size" option or what texture size I select for the mirrors, the FPS drops by exactly that same amount!!! I'm even playing with Min. Obj. Size set to 0% and the texture size set to 4096 MB since the FPS will drop by 10 anyways!

    Has someone experienced something like this? What could be the cause? In the Grundorf map, I get 60 FPS and when looking at the mirros, the FPS drops to 50. So that is acceptable. But in more complex maps it goes from 30 to 20 FPS ,which is annoying...

    Or, and one more thing: the FPS increases by about 10 (in Grundorf map) or by 5 (in Berlin map) whenever I press any mouse button. As soon as I release the button, it drops back down.

    My PC:

    CPU: Intel i5 4440 3.3 Ghz;

    GPU: AMD Rx 5500 Xt 8 GB;

    RAM: 8 GB;

    (I can run other games at 1080p with graphs set to "ultra" and 50 FPS; I'm aware, however, of the issues OMSI has when it comes to performance. Ah, and also, I have the 4 GB patch.)

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  • Hi,

    Please send me your log file and screenshots of your graphic settings in Omsi.

    I suspect either a fault in the vehicle or a wrong setting. Does this happen on all buses or only on certain ones? And on which map do you have this problem?

    PS: It makes no sense to compare OMSI with other games in terms of performance because OMSI A) is shitty optimized and, secondly, is only based on 32-bit.

    The second is the main reason why OMSI can never use the full power of your PC.

    32-bit is limited to 4 GB of RAM, which is why Omsi can never use it again, even if you have 8, 16 or 32 GB of RAM.

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