Add-on Hamburg line 688 not apearing

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  • Hi, I recently bought the the Hamburg Add-on for OMSI2. I drived the line 109 for couples of times without any problems but when I wanted to drive the 688 line, after setting "688" on line, I can't select any tour. Idk how to do the line any other way so please if anyone knows how to fix this thx.

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  • Good Morning

    the Line only drives on Friday till Sunday or Saturday till Sunday in the Evening / Night.

    Please, look at this Times and you can drive them.

  • Hamburg Line 688 only drives friday and saturday night. In reality only 1 - 4 am, in OMSI little longer.

    Here would be alternative day duties:

    Hamburg Tag und Nacht -Linie 688 tagsüber

    Try entry #6 and #16

    Die fiktiven Umläufe verkehren: Mo-So 5-19Uhr. "The fictional duties Mo-So 5 am - 7 pm"
    Die realen Umläufe verkehren: Fr+Sa 19-5Uhr "The real duties Fr+Sa 7 pm - 5 am"
    Von Mo-Do und So hat man von 19-5Uhr keine Umläufe. "Monday till thursday and Sunday from 7 pm til 5 am no duties"

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