Teltow v4.0 (inkl. BVG X10) [Omsi 1]

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  • Aha ok - werden dann Busse/Strecken gelöscht?

    Nur frage ich mich, was da repariert werden soll - schließlich habe ich nie etwas gelöscht oder verändert.

  • Hallo ich habe alles richtig eingefügt aber bekomme Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung


    Hier meine Logfile

  • Bekomme seit heute "Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung"

  • Auf welche Frage denn?

    Ich nehme anhand der Logfile an, dass der Fehler am Ende des Ladens kommt, weitere Hinweise gibt es nicht. Da das nicht selten vorkommt, ist die Map nicht offiziell Omsi 2-kompatibel. Wenn du die Map umbedingt fahren willst, empfehle ich dir, die Beiträge der vorherigen Seiten durchzulesen. Dort gibt es Lösungsansätze, die öfters geholfen haben.

  • Hallo,

    ich habe die Karte manuell genau wie in der readme beschrieben installiert.

    Beim Laden der Karte kommt allerdings die Fehlermeldung
    "Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung"
    beim Ladevorgang
    "Lade Kachel Nr. 0 (269/270)..."

    Problem gelöst


  • One thing regarding the next version to this map, is the N10 featured and is the timetable suited to the traffic & passenger levels?

    Reason i ask is the running time is not good, there's too much time, you spend most of it either driving too slow or sitting around at bus stops for such a long time, surely that can't be true to the real route? Most night buses should be allocated time that reflects the time of day, at 1AM there is hardly any traffic but the loading may change, with OMSI the loading is fixed, if I'm not mistaken?

    So hopefully the running times for the later evening shifts especially the N10 is a little tighter

  • N10 will be nearly the same as here. The timetable is real and the real timetable is suited to traffic/passenger levels. N10 is faster than the buses that run until midnight. There will also be little changes in traffic/passenger amount.

    Reasons for being too early:
    - Line is shorten between Elsterplatz and Königin-Luise-Str./Clayallee
    - Driving too fast, especially at traffic signs like [30][22-6h]
    - Not waiting at connection points (S+U Zoo & Zehlendorf Eiche)

    The real timetable should have some reserve minutes to make sure you arrive at connection points on time. Keep in mind: When you arrive at S+U Zoo from south, the passengers have only 1,5min to reach the Metro.

    I guess you will like the new N12 line. 1min turning time at one end and ~4min at the other end.

  • Hehe yeah I am a bit of a stickler for Night buses because of what Ive been used
    to, im a night owl, the day buses are more or less perfect as the passengers are in full flow as it were, and the later evening you find you still are within scheduled time or 0.9 minutes behind. With the N10 N12 and any N, my speed is usually 40-50 (30MPH), Depends on the player but with a LC DD you cant go too fast, on the light run to the depot yes hit 50 where possible
    and corner at 30 but with passengers. It just seemed like a lot of waiting time.

    Thanks man