About wipers and its animations

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  • Hello.
    After a long idle time due to time restrictions, we decided to continue the development of the bus below. It's almost finished. Our current problem relies on the wipers.
    In this bus model, the wiper arms are fixed at the upper part of the front glass (not at the bottom, like the MAN for example). So this is causing us some headaches.

    The video below shows what is happening. Please just consider the wiper on the right (the other one's animation is totally messed up - result of accumulated trials and errors)

    The intended path is something like this:

    I would like to know why there are 3 [newanim] tags into the wiper model (in the MAN, for example). Do they occur at the same time? The code below stands for the right wiper:

    Visually it would just be 'mirror' the animation, but I just can't do it (shame on me)
    Any suggestions? I suspect I have to change the pivots of the animation, but no logical combination worked for me.

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes, all animations will occur at the same time. But the order of the [newanim] commands is very important.

    For example the doors of our buses: The first [newanim] command turns the door blades around their own axis, the second [newanim] command turns them around the bus fixed axis at the edge of the bus doors.