MAN SD202 D92 light mod v1.1 [26/06/2012]

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  • Good day OMSI community!

    DO NOT EXTRACT MOD TO YOUR SD202 FOLDER! Read instructions below!

    First of all I would like to say that I won't answer German post/questions, etc. 'cause I generally don't speak German, so in any case please use English

    As we can see in thread name this is light modification for MAN SD202 D92 and it's my vision of it's new design.
    What does the mod do?
    Adds a new bus MAN SD202 D92 LED with his own repaint to your models list.

    Added repaint with front headlight lens and all lights without colors
    - changes position lights to Audi A5 style LED
    - changes normal lights to xenon with lens
    - changes full beam bulbs to 75W/H7 halogen
    - position, stop, blinkers, reverse and fog lights changed to LED chips
    - stop light added to upper blinker lamps, now there are two indicators - blinker and stop light in each
    - side position lights are fully working now
    - registration plate illumination changed to spot LED

    The repaint template is ready for repaints in "Texture template for repaints" folder, now developers can create repaints with lens headlights! The model_d92.cfg light settings are completely described in English so in future you can make your own light mod
    No more editable templates.

    Few screens:

    How to do it?
    - make copy of your SD202 folder and rename it to MAN_SD202-2
    - delete all .bus files and textures folder in MAN_SD202-2 folder
    - extract files from package to MAN_SD202-2 folder
    - enjoy

    Feel free to ask for support, or anything.

    - new basic repaint and it's added as a default (no more beige BVG repaint as a default)
    - removed templates from package
    - original interior restored
    - cosmetic changes in rear door exterior open button

    Cheers, Matt

  • Believe me, it's a lot of work, because every single LED has a lot of it's own settings. I'll think about it in the next release with side blinkers.

    Well, I tried and, unfortunately, I must say if I make those LEDs brighter they will cover adjacent LEDs with their own light so you wouldn't be able to see single LEDs, just one light. Rear fog light is the brightest as possible and if you zoom out, you can't see single LEDs there neither, thus, it won't be changed.

  • This is new proposition of front lights, more aggressive with that LED Audi A5 style stripes over lens.

    I also did front and side LED blinkers. Front ones little bit buggy when moving a camera, but it's almost impossible to fit each LED to shape of curved lamp. Looks quite nice for me.

    Those will be released this evening after few tests.

  • Good Job! That's what I'm dreaming previously.
    But can you add some brief description or categorize codes for different lights? As it will more convenient for DIYers. Just like this:
    "---the following codes are focus on left front blinker---"

    Ming from Hong Kong

  • I can do this, now it's made in my own language, 'cause I didn't think about share it on oficial forum, but I will change descriptions for english. Good idea

  • I can do this, now it's made in my own language, 'cause I didn't think about share it on oficial forum, but I will change descriptions for english. Good idea

    Looking forward to seeing you launch this great production!