OMSI Map Tools 3.1 (Update: April 21st)

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  • OMSI Map Tools

    This application focuses on two different types of OMSI user:
    - players who are experiencing problems with missing objects/splines when loading maps, or those who want to uninstall a map and get rid of unnecessary content
    - map designers who are creating medium to complex maps that use a considerable variety of scenery objects and splines. This tool will provide information about which objects/splines your map is using. Sometimes, it's natural to miss important object or spline packages when packaging your map for release, thus having to release additional patches to fix these issues. This will hopefully decrease these occurrences.

    The application is very simple to use. It’s meant to be simple and effective. All the information is directly extracted from the tile (.map) files.


    • (NEW IN 3.1) The tool automatically locates your OMSI maps folder. If you have both OMSI 1 and 2 installed, the tool will always prioritize OMSI 2! If the tool is unable to find the path automatically, it will memorize the folder path after you select it for the first time.
    • Provides the exact splines and objects you are missing for a chosen map. This will help people when searching for requesting support for maps and searching for custom objects around the internet.
    • Provides summarized information about the objects and splines used by your map (amount of objects and splines)
    • Provides analytical information about the objects and splines used by your map (exhaustive file and folder list, so you can always keep track accurately of which content folders your map is using)
    • Provides an extra function to automatically copy used objects and splines folders to another folder (repository)

    The application includes a quick guide with general information and usage instructions.

    Now compatible with OMSI 2!

    Aktualisierter Download (07.04.2020)

  • Very well! Thank you for this great download, it's right what i've needed recently for releasing my map.

    Greaaat !!


    !! THANK YOU



    You're welcome, I'm glad it is useful for you.


    Wow, Grat idea! Thank you!


    Oops. Little problem.


    My Omsi is in not Disk C : but Disk D :.


    Hi PassionsBus,
    you are right. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'm so used to the drive 'C' that I didn't notice this small issue.
    Can you test this version below? It's now allowing me to select other disks, please let me know if it works:…/


  • It's quite funny to read that, as it seems that you always program "my ideas" when I decided not to do it


    Anyways, great invention. I'm sure this will help many others to make their download packages smaller (because of leaving out all this unnecessarry stuff...)

    (Of course it's not "my" idea, I hope you understand what I actually mean. It's just as if you took the idea out of my head, though I dismissed it several months ago



  • Thanks Jan!
    I'm confident that the same idea programmed by you would be much better, I'm just an ammateur playing with good old Delphi 7 (and suffering a lot to code)


    and I'd like to have time to migrate to another language.
    I really like your apps because they are very easy and beautiful to use, and completely efficient, it's a real source of inspiration for me to learn how to program this kind of applications, so I'm honoured with your comment.


    Many thanks!

  • Thanks a lot for your compliment


    Hobby programmer or not - the result is what counts in the end, which absolutely does convince, in my honest opinion. And it's the same for you like for me: learning (and improving) by doing

  • Version 2.0 has been released.
    I am experiencing problems to edit the main post (especifically when I add images or links, I get a 'Service Temporarily Unavailable'). I can only edit posts successfully when there are no images or URLs to be added.

    As I failed to place a direct URL link in the first post, just copy and paste the URL in the main post to your browser and press Enter.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Hi Thiago,

    the tool has become more and more indispensable for me.

    Thanks a lot for your Map Tools



  • hi Thiago,

    it seems the tool has become unusable for maps saved in OMSI 2.
    At least for my Aachen-Walheim map I noticed that when I used the tool on my OMSI 2.0 version of the map, the tool counted 0 objects, 0 splines and so on.
    When I used it on my OMSI 1 version of the map I got all the correct counts of objects that I used in the map.

    Would you mind making this tool OMSI 2 compatible, as I find this tool quite invaluable to determine if I'm missing any files in the installation packages for my map.

  • Hi ravitsec.
    I am sorry for the late answer. I have been away from OMSI for some months and I was surprised for the fact that the tool stopped working with it. Fortunately I managed to fix the issue within the tool. Thank you for noticing that issue.

    The tool has been updated to version 3.0, and it is now supporting both OMSI 1 and 2. The tool has been tested with some OMSI 2 maps and it ran fine. If you find something abnormal, please let me know.


  • Hey Thiago, is it possible that you implement an update in which your tool automatically detects the path where it is started from? That would save a lot of time regarding the fact that one has to navigate through that dropdown menu to find the OMSI2 path.


  • Thanks schnaki, it is a very good idea. Indeed it is not convenient to browse for the OMSI folder everytime a person wants to scan a map. I will investigate and try to include that on my tool during the next days.


  • Hello,

    I released an optional update containing an improvement suggested by Schnaki (thanks!


    ). From now on, the tool will try to locate your OMSI folder automatically (if you have both OMSI 1 and 2, it will always prioritize version 2). In case the tool is unable to find the folder (probably if your OMSI is not installed in C drive) don't worry, you will have to select the folder manually only once. Then the tool will memorize the path for you.

    You can download it by clicking on the link on the first post.