Path and Illumination

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  • Good evening.
    We're facing some problems during the conclusion of the bus. Both seem to be simple but we just can't figure out a solution.

    The first one is related to paths. Passengers are boarding normally but when they're hopping off the bus, they don't walk according to the path we have established. The coordinates in paths.cfg seem to be correct. File contents are located below the video. The exit door part is 'Porta Saida' in the file. The exit is assigned to point 11.

    The second problem is related to bus lighting. I read some topics in the old forum but I couldn't find a solution. I'm only being able to add one light source related to the internal variables for lighting, for example: lights_beleuchtung_unterdeck - All other light sources are ignored. Their coordinates were added to the model.cfg file
    Does the [illumination_interior] parameter in the passengercabin have some relation with this? I really can't figure out after trying lots of things.

    I noticed that only 4 interior lights can be turned on. All the others are visible only for the AI. I suppose the only workaround for that is to work with lightmap and textures to simulate lighting.

    I would be grateful for any help or hint.