Ikarus 405 Midibus v0.8

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  • "Not sure if he's giving an opinion or he's just trolling"


    If you don't like it, you shouldn't say that. In my opinion, even this bus still needs a bit more of work, it's still good. The door sounds are perfect for the IK 415 aswell, the idle engine sounds are in the right place, the door system are definitely the origin from hungarian buses (I'm Portuguese and I actually saw this system while this bus was still in progress) or maybe from nemeza and rodan's messages above about it, and, of course, I though funny was the type of gearbox: VOITH Midimat BRA 12.5


    Also, unlike the 415, this one doesn't use hungarian characters, so it prevents the .o3d error, like the other one had in the first place.
    So, MCM, if you want a better bus, just wait for one or use another, no one cares about recommending, it's a matter of trying


    @Reisedienst Kirsch: it has 7.3 meters, it's a minibus, but maybe a bit smaller than your bus


    Any replies in English are acceptable, since I don't understand German that well

  • It seems to be a general rule for Ikarus 400 series, not only in Hungary. And I have always liked the idea. : -)

    It is the same for 260,263,280,284 (city types) too.. I have never travelled on 283 so I'm not sure, but I think that's also the same


    Filipe: you are right, but MCM has also a point: "Many buttons are not assigned"..

  • :huh:

    I am not trolling.
    I just openly gave my opinion. I am sorry if it was harsh, but that's what i felt about the bus. The bus' size is really good, best when turning in sharp corners. If only the bus had a better driver's interface with more features and fixing all the errors, the bus would be perfect



    Message me for any translation to English :thumbup:

  • I could not repaint it.
    I started to implement Warszawa repaint.

    Next version hopefully will be repaintable: I will ask the authors.

    @ Trainsa1 I may help with some photos, if interested/necessary.

  • Hi there,

    this is I was searching for! A small bus for suburb-nightlines and connections for my metro-lines. I'm looking forward and hope there would be a final version of the bus in the future.

    It's so much fun to drive this little bus. Meanwhile I made some little changes for myself. So the following changes are not offical available and in this case for my own use only. For testing reasons on my map now he is yellow to fit the Berlin "house colors" by editing the 01.bmp and 02.bmp. As best I can do with my modest knowledge whithin OMSI I corrected the axles, so the tires of the rear wheel are no longer protruding into the inner space. Also the wheels no longer floats above the ground. It's not perfect, but it looks better than before.

    Here is a link to a pic:

    The bus has now functional standing lights and backlights and the indicator lights are visible from all angles. Previously these things didn't work correctly.

    Passengers now can use the seats in the penultimate row above the wheel arches too. I changed the door control to german conditions, because with the "hungarian door-version" the bus was not useable as KI-vehicle. OMSI was not able to close the doors in KI-mode. In this case the rear door has automatic functions now with warning beep before closing. With this configuration the bus is now useable as KI. And in addition he got a sound for STOP-request and a "beep" if both doors are closed. The views of driver and passengers I have also adjusted for a better overview.

    For the future and the final version ticket-selling and german IBIS would be nice. Then it would be the absolut perfect bus for many proposes.

    Greetings to the developers of this nice bus and I hope, my English is not too bad....

  • Hallo ,

    Ich hätte eine Frage nämlich wird an diesem bus noch weiter gebaut?

    Die besten Dinge an einem Text sind immer die Rechtschreibfehler