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    I released an optional update containing an improvement suggested by Schnaki (thanks! :) ). From now on, the tool will try to locate your OMSI folder automatically (if you have both OMSI 1 and 2, it will always prioritize version 2). In case the tool is unable to find the folder (probably if your OMSI is not installed in C drive) don't worry, you will have to select the folder manually only once. Then the tool will memorize the path for you.

    You can download it by clicking on the link on the first post.

    Thanks! :)

    Hi ravitsec.
    I am sorry for the late answer. I have been away from OMSI for some months and I was surprised for the fact that the tool stopped working with it. Fortunately I managed to fix the issue within the tool. Thank you for noticing that issue.

    The tool has been updated to version 3.0, and it is now supporting both OMSI 1 and 2. The tool has been tested with some OMSI 2 maps and it ran fine. If you find something abnormal, please let me know.



    I would like to share with you some small tutorials that I created on the last year and hopefully others to come in the future. I didn't notice that there was a tutorial section on this forum - this is very good for those willing to share a bit of OMSI knowledge with others.
    By reading them, you should understand that these tutorials:

    - don't replace the original game documentation
    - may contain terminology inaccuracies
    - may not have the most up-to-date set of information or procedures

    I believe that knowledge should be freely shared. So please feel free to share it.


    Maps, Roads and AI Traffic

    3D Modelling

    I just want to ask how this will work, because AI cars can pass us and if there wil be police or ambulance with the siren on standing in the traffic it will look stupid.

    You guys should learn how to do a proper feedback or question and use words correctly. Having a map of this greatness and quality, using the word 'stupid' on a question is being childish and terribly nonsense. Even when people doesn't have a better suggestion they don't have the right to use such words. There are proper words which correctly fits situation and I suppose none here is mentally disabled to know which are they and how to use them. Anyway, if you really feel annoyed by that (which is obviously respectable and everyone has the right to have their own preferences) you can edit the AI List by yourself and remove the vehicles in case you are annoyed by that or remove the siren sounds, that should not take more than 60 seconds. Otherwise you have the option to not download the map, since it's free, so we can only say Thank you to the creators.
    It really sucks to have people creating contents for the community and others acting like mentally disturbed kids spreading the word of immaturity and using a stupid vocabulary.

    Unfortunately the Logitech SDK for the G27 controls the leds (both left and right ones) as if they were the same but like a mirror, so it's not possible to make a specific side lit. Of course there might be a possibility to achieve this going down to hardware level and trying to activate some of the leds or even trying to edit the original SDK in order to achieve that, but I don't have a clue about how that could be made and if it would work properly.

    I usually make a plane mesh then I rotate it, so it's "face" is always opposite to the user's view so it's invisible from our point of view
    OR (a faster alternative): create a plane mesh for the touch button, select 'Edit Mode' in Blender, select it and press Ctrl+Shift+N.

    Depending on the models you might be interested, they won't be able to be found on the manufacturer's website, but I think there is a very small amount of websites which provides bus blueprints (or amateur drawings) for European buses. Anyway, this is the only website I know and it's frequently indicated by people who build 3d models: - BUT most of the blueprints are not free, but they are not expensive and are very accurate.

    Version 2.0 has been released.
    I am experiencing problems to edit the main post (especifically when I add images or links, I get a 'Service Temporarily Unavailable'). I can only edit posts successfully when there are no images or URLs to be added.

    As I failed to place a direct URL link in the first post, just copy and paste the URL in the main post to your browser and press Enter.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience.

    Hello kfmboy,

    about system (S) variables, I suppose they are not able to be retrieved directly. I had some tries in the past and I failed. However, the 'GetTTDelay' is not a variable, it's a macro. In order to retrieve values from those system variables, I used a workaround by editing a bus script and creating custom (thus local) variables, for example:

    (M.V.GetTTDelay) (S.L.omnibus_delay)

    This way I can retrieve the value of the delay by grabbing the value of the local (L) omnibus_delay variable.

    About the Weather_Temperature, I suggest that you try to store its value to another custom local variable like

    (L.S.Weather_Temperature) (S.L.my_weather)

    And then add my_weather to your .opl list and fetch it through your plugin.

    This is the way I currently use.