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    There has been no sign of Marcel, Rudiger or Janine lately. I hope they will be back providing support soon.

    Thats precisely what me mean Captainprinter!

    There absence does worry me a bit, because it seems that they let the ship out of the harbor, steer it in a certain direction for a while, updating the ship here and there, and now when the ships updates made (minor) errors in the steering software (It looks like) they abandon ship and let it drift...
    I might think with all update problems they flew to a save harbor...


    We are paying customers (for the official OMSI game(s) and Add-Ons) and we have rights!

    No offense towards the Makers.
    On the other hand maybe they still working on the problems in silence.
    A story has always two sides of course!

    I really hope they take the steering wheel again and come with some answers on our questions and a update / patch.
    For example how to cure the soundless soundcubes...



    I maybe a little late with this, i've just created an account today however the sound cube problem is a know bug.

    Hi LordRevan,

    It could be true that it is a known bug, but it is a damper on my whole OMSI experience.
    And a OMSI world without the ambient sounds is a dead world.
    I want this bug be fixed quickly. It annoys me more than a sudden drop in frame rate when I'm playing.
    It is to silent!
    But no support or even a reaction from the official side as far.

    For me OMSI is not a game to bring a bus from A to B on time, but an experience.
    Just like life, it is not the destination but it is the journey what counts for me.
    And that is why I love to build maps as accurate as can be.

    I want my birds back!



    I'm with you when it comes to the lack of official support. I'm nagging for weeks (I'm exaggerating) about the missing sound of the soundcubes and the sound of the Church after the update 2.1.
    And like you said NO ONE official comes to aid except of a few hard core Omsians.

    I was busy building a partly fictional map resembling line 666 from Rochlitz to Colditz and all things go well until the upate 2.1. Suddenly the birds stopped singing and the church bells where silent.
    I made a call for support on this forum, but no official answer. Where is Janine when I need her?

    I bought ALL the OMSI Add-Ons and that makes me a paying costumer.
    European rules says that I have a two year (minimal) guarantee on any product I buy in Europe, and this is also valid for software products.
    So give me a proper working product and at least some support!

    No offense of course. I'm just pointing to my rights.

    But all things starts with yourself. We as a community can do a lot of things to set things right.
    It all starts with complaining at the right address!

    Take care Buddy!


    I "studied" your picture for a while and I think I see that the adjacent tiles next to the tiles where you build your map are not in line.
    When the Editor build a light map it 'looks' at the neighboring tiles counting from tile 0. If one of the tiles doesn't match the Editor don't know what to do with the paint textures and give it a blank texture.

    To solve this problem:

    In the Editor:

    - Go to Map pulldown menu (at the top, far left)
    - In the Map pull down menu chose "Do with whole map"
    - Click checkbox "Search for holes between to tiles" and "Create TerrainLightMap"
    - Then click "Start"

    Or Level the tiles to the same height.

    After you finished this, save the map, close the Editor and start it up again.

    Try this, and if this don't work we look for other options.

    Maybe another tip. Next to my main map, I created a "test" map and a copy of my main map to try things out.
    There you can mess around without damaging your current work.

    I'm with you Buddy!

    Hi Fellowslothb,

    I have something to say about your post above. In all honesty.

    I know as a fellow Modeler and writer that people will steal your work when you put it online. Digital content is difficult to protect.

    If you take down your downloads they still be copied and spread amongst the OMSI enthusiasts. It is a bitter pill to take but it is how it is.
    This world don't give a **** about anyones hard work and copyrights and I know all about it.

    So my heart felt advise to you is: If you put your work available for download on this forum, let it go. It will be copied. It will be stolen. Don't spent your precious time searching the web for your content. Life is to short to get mad. (take it from an older, in age, member of this Forum).

    For me, I think you are an artist. I really like your work. But don't get mad. Learn from it.

    With regards and respect,

    Gr, Sikkenbaas a.k.a Theo.


    This is common in the Editor and nothing to worry about.

    It happened to me also.

    To solve it follow my steps:

    - First make a lightmap of the entire map
    - Save the map
    - Close the Editor
    - Start up the Editor again (with your map of course)
    - And, if all things are right, the night will be lit correctly.

    I'm not an expert but this is my experience.
    It helped me and I wanted to share it with you.

    Also a 'dry run' in the OMSI Simulator will help you to see of all things are in order.

    Gr. Sikkenbaas a.k.a Theo

    I keep on nagging about the problem with the sound cubes.

    After the update 2.1 I get no ambient sounds from the soundcubes and lately I discovered that also the bells of the church are silent.
    I do hear the A.I traffic sound and also the sound of the rain when selected, but I missing something!

    Does anybody has an answer? Please help!!

    It is very annoying and I will keep on nagging about it until someone comes with an answer!

    I would like to ask you about a thing that is becoming very annoying (for me) after the update 2.1.

    After the update I hear no bird sounds anymore and the bells of the church are very silent.
    It could be that no one has noticed it, but the ambient sounds are something that makes the artificial world of OMSI comes alive and I love it.
    I also noticed that only the sound components that are depending on time to do something doesn't work after the update. The stationary sounds, for example the buzz of a transformer, are still working.

    I'm a modeller and I love the German countryside very much, so OMSI gives me the possibility to make such a landscape and drive a bus line through it.

    Take a look at this picture taken from my current project.
    I'm building RegioBus Mittweida busline 666 from Rochlitz to Colditz and it beautiful route via Bundesstraße 107.
    This spot is my version of the area surrounding Bahnhof Rochlitz (Sachsen), and I called it "Kochlitz" because it is a half real map.
    But the point is, looking at all the trees and nature surroundings without the sounds of birds and the church this world feels dead.

    Believe me, I tried every sound option in the 'options' and I validated the game a few times in Steam.
    I've been around computers since the eighties and I know to program software.
    But this problem I can't solve without your help. I need a patch!

    I'm one of the older members (in age. I'm 43) of this forum and I bought all the OMSI Add-Ons because I love your product to dead.
    But since the absence of the sounds my drive to continue building my map is fading and come to a halt.

    Bitte, hilf mir!

    With regards,