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    Type of download: Bus Repaints

    Name of project: German repaints

    Participating users: 242

    Details: Repaints of real companies, from the ex-DDR regions.

    Copyright: Do not upload files to other host sites!


    NL202 OVPS (Oberelbische Verkehrsgesellschaft Pirna-Sebnitz mbH) (original bus: EL202)
    Download NL202 OVPS

    ÜL292 OVPS
    Download ÜL292 OVPS

    ÜL292 Autobus GmbH Sachsen mit Sparkesse Werbung und Radkappen / ohne Werbung, ohne Radkappen
    Download ÜL292 Autobus GmbH Sachsen

    ÜL312 Facelift Busverkehr Oder-Spree
    Download BOS ÜL312

    Hi! The bus is fantastic (the best add-on bus), my only problem is with the sounds, they are very crackling (engine and maybe drivetrain). I've made a video to show. It occours with all versions but in 312 is the most serious.…=UU20WjzBy8f_Uuf2uBTQ16bg
    (I drive with G25)
    Is it sound device, sound file, cfg or OMSI's sound control* problem?

    *Maybe OMSI can't handle sounds correctly if they have short fading time, and just cuts them instead mixing them down, I think it, because I've recognized the same problem with other busses (250.59 axle sound when shift to 5th from 4th, and sometimes O307 when exhaust brake starts to work) too.

    I've created a map , I've put some road onto it, and I wanted to try it out, but after loading it gives "Fehler bei Bereitsprüfung". I can drive on the map if I switch off the unscheduled traffic. As I can recognize from the logfile, the error occures when the program tries to load the first AI vehicle. Why is it, and how I can fix it?
    The logfile (with logall):

    Of course the original SETRA dashboard looks much nicer! :)

    I like your Ikarus models! Why do you make so much models parallel? Isn't it better to finish one bus and then the second and third one?

    Yep, It's obviously better to do only one, but I can't :) . My mood is always changing, sometimes I want an old citybus but sometimes a modern overlandsbus... I have lot of models that are only just began, like Magirus-Deutz L117, Ikarus C56, Bova Futura, Ikarus 66, Ikarus 556, VÖV I. Ikarus 190

    There is one Ikarus 412 in wip from hungarian made
    And 415.14 i wanted this bus to Omsi 1 year ago

    I now there's another 412, but it has a lof of errors on the model, like the front bumper is behind the lamps, and the whole model has fallen apart to polys due conversion (it's from vbus). I've tried to weld together neutral's 415.04 after opening it from 3DS format, but it's easyer to make a new.

    Unfortunately it's too small, but thanks!

    For the first: Yes.
    For the second: For some reason I don't like VDO dashboard.

    Halo alles!

    Type of project: Buses

    Name of project: Ikarus 2xx/4xx series maybe Setra S3xx

    Participating users: 242 (me -modeling and convert), nemeza (srcipts)

    Help needed: Setra SG321UL blueprint

    Details: the models that I'm working on


    I've started the Ikarus 2xx model two years ago, the current work is completry retexturing it (except wheels and wipers), some parts will get better quality textures and onthers lower (like the roof, it will get a full-shape texture to allow lightmaping) It's 260.02

    This Buderus commerical is realistic, it matches whith the licence plate of this bus (KE 74-55)

    260.02's body with photorealistic BKV texture, prepared to build blinker doors in it, this bus would be a 260.45/46 and all side windows should be openable. (260.45/46 made for BKV -Budapest- with Rába D2156HM6U and D10 engines, .45 has ZF 4HP500, .46 has VOITH DIWA 851.3E gearboxes)

    Ikarus 415.14 or 15 (made for BKV with DAF LT 160 G and DAF LT160 L engine, .14 has VOITH D851, .15 has ZF 4HP500 gearbox). Some parts from neutral's 415 model. I'd like to make German 415.17 or Hungarian 415.26 suburban version or German two-door 435.10 or Hungarian suburban 435.14.

    Ikarus 412

    Base for 180/556

    I'm basically Ikarusfan but I love SETRAs too, especially the 300 series, and I think the SG321UL with GT-front looks very cool, so I'd like to make it for OMSI, but I didn't find blueprints of 300 series, so please help me if you can!