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    Type of download: Bus Repaints

    Name of project: German repaints

    Participating users: 242

    Details: Repaints of real companies, from the ex-DDR regions.

    Copyright: Do not upload files to other host sites!


    NL202 OVPS (Oberelbische Verkehrsgesellschaft Pirna-Sebnitz mbH) (original bus: EL202)
    Download NL202 OVPS

    ÜL292 OVPS
    Download ÜL292 OVPS

    ÜL292 Autobus GmbH Sachsen mit Sparkesse Werbung und Radkappen / ohne Werbung, ohne Radkappen
    Download ÜL292 Autobus GmbH Sachsen

    ÜL312 Facelift Busverkehr Oder-Spree
    Download BOS ÜL312

    Hi! The bus is fantastic (the best add-on bus), my only problem is with the sounds, they are very crackling (engine and maybe drivetrain). I've made a video to show. It occours with all versions but in 312 is the most serious.…=UU20WjzBy8f_Uuf2uBTQ16bg
    (I drive with G25)
    Is it sound device, sound file, cfg or OMSI's sound control* problem?

    *Maybe OMSI can't handle sounds correctly if they have short fading time, and just cuts them instead mixing them down, I think it, because I've recognized the same problem with other busses (250.59 axle sound when shift to 5th from 4th, and sometimes O307 when exhaust brake starts to work) too.

    I've created a map , I've put some road onto it, and I wanted to try it out, but after loading it gives "Fehler bei Bereitsprüfung". I can drive on the map if I switch off the unscheduled traffic. As I can recognize from the logfile, the error occures when the program tries to load the first AI vehicle. Why is it, and how I can fix it?
    The logfile (with logall):