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    can somebody help me translate this script into OMSI language, please? I am trying to make the IBIS passenger display behave in the following manner:

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    ##### GERMAN / DEUTSCHE ########

    kann mir jemand dieses Skript in OMSI Sprache übersetzen helfen? Ich versuche, das IBIS Passagier Anzeige verhalten sich in der folgenden Art und Weise zu machen:

    Sorry für die schlechte Deutsch, ich kann es sprechen überhaupt nicht!
    Jede Hilfe wäre dankbar, danke!

    EDIT: Just for clarification, I'm trying to make this script is for the IBIS2.osc file, but I'm very confused with the reverse polish notation system.

    This issue has existed since Omsi 2.1, but every time people seem to raise the issue, it is ALWAYS overlooked by the developers:

    [OMSI2] [editor] Tiles dont load

    I even directly emailed support and they told me to reinstall Omsi, but that doesn't work either. I told them, but they can't help me.

    I've gone a whole year not playing on maps that I created, and this issue is very frustrating, but it will not be fixed. Sorry for being so negative about it, though.

    I feel that this problem is being "swept underneath the rug" by the developers...Instead of fixing these problems, it is being assumed that this is fake. This is not a small issue, and there is clearly evidence, even outside of this forum, that this problem is very real and NOT Fake:…6861677350/?insideModal=1

    Omsi 2 Bug HELP

    Please, Janine, I would like you have a look at the following links that i have posted above, as they show you other players having problems with the bug. Clearly this is not a fake.

    I have informed the bugs department of the bug and they should be working on it. timmie_1606, does your map load properly in the Omsi editor? My map loads with all the tiles and the objects in the Editor, but in the game, there is nothing but AI vehicles and the sky.

    shouldn't you be contacting the bugs department instead? that's what i did, instead of making so many threads.

    email them:


    Reports with too less information about the bug will be deleted. We need as much information as possible (at least map, bus, exact error message text, system properties, logfile.cfg and options.cfg). Please write different e-mails for different bugs (not all in one) that we can handle them easier.

    To be honest, i'm really sure this is a program bug. my map worked fine on OMSI 2.00.24 but since the 2.1 Update, tiles don't show at all. Since patch 2.2 is in progress:

    Please please fix this problem in the 2.2 patch, developers!

    I've worked on this map for 2 years, and now i can't do anything with it anymore, and i really think this issue has been overlooked and ignored.

    Here's my logfile:

    But still this:

    But to be honest, i've kept this problem quiet since omsi 2.1. this map works fine on 2.00.24 by the way.


    Also when i open the same map in the game, it look like this

    Ive never seen that.

    The same thing is happening to me and my expansion of the Grundorf Map, and there's nothing in the logfile that suggests to me why is not loading the tiles. I was expecting it to work fine but since the 2.1 update, i have been stuck in the same situation as timmie_1606. Please Help...


    I've been having this problem with making road crossings and they turn out to be shiny when I view it in Omsi. I've been using Google Sketchup to make the road crossings, then i exported it as an OBJ file to blender 2.70, then I exported it to a Direct X File and converted it into omsi.

    Did i do something wrong? Help me, please. this is a very frustrating issue.

    Sorry for the bump but I'm looking to do the same thing as well. I'm making a hybrid bus based on the CVT Hybrid from Krtz07 but I don't know how to cut out the engine when it's idling at a bus stop or a traffic lights. Can anybody help?

    EDIT: I think this thread has been posted in the wrong section. shouldn't it be in the vehicle design section?

    EDIT: Found another thread that will tell you how to do this: Auto engine Cut off