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    Thanks Textman for your answer. I believed the key F11 was to walk on the first-person view along the map. As you said it has a different functionnality in combination with others keys. I'm going to test in combination with others view keys if that bring another functions.

    Dank Textman für Ihre Antwort. Ich glaubte, die Taste F11 auf der First-Person-Ansicht entlang der Karte zu gehen war. Wie Sie sagten, es hat eine andere Funktionalität in Kombination mit anderen Tasten. Ich werde in Kombination zu testen, mit anderen Tasten sehen, ob das weitere Funktionen bringen.


    Each time I press the key F11, (I wished to discover what this view look for) my bus is standing floating in the sky to a place of nowhere.

    I wished to know what this "first-person perspective view (it is translated like that in french in the keyboard options features) is supposed to do and how to use it and what is the purpose of this view ?


    Die Taste F11-Perspektive Ansicht?


    Jedes Mal, wenn ich die Taste F11 drücken, (ich wollte herausfinden , was diese Ansicht sucht) mein Bus steht schwimmend in den Himmel zu einem Ort im Nirgendwo.

    Ich wollte wissen, was diese "First-Person-Perspektive Ansicht (es so, dass in französisch in den Tastaturoptionen Funktionen übersetzt wird) tun soll und wie es zu benutzen und was ist der Zweck dieser Ansicht?



    Yes indeed good advice, the next time I will get this problem, I will report the logfile here.

    Thanks anyway for your help and advices.


    Sorry for my miss understood when you said :


    "a processor of the same architecture is generally better for OMSI, if the per-Core power is better. so, if you have an i7 965@3.2 Ghz, it would scale better if you have fewer cores but the core itself is faster (e.g. higher clocked). You can't say that a 4.7 Ghz Processor is better than yours, but if you stay in the same type of processor architecture, a higher clock and fewer cores are generally better for OMSI. "

    I miss interpreted "fewer" thinking that means more... Just went to use google translator and understand better. Yes lesser CPU node must benefit to OMSI2 code program I think.
    So I will to continue to tweak with windows task manager the priority and affinity CPU's.


    Sorry I never disabled multithreading in the options even not when I get a message to try to disable multithread. If I disable multithread feature in options I get a lot lower FPS in game even if I limit them to 30 FPS. The use of multithread feature is very help full for the performance side.

    My problem of blank map occurs when I play for long time, launching new game, swapping to AI busses but not always it is only randomly.

    When that happens, I verify game cache files on Steam, then launch again OMSI2 and then all is running fine again. But I don't know how I can have missing textures or sceneries as I don't modify anything in the game I just use official DLC's even not any free add'ons.

    For me it is a mystery how the missing files disappears of my SSD ?!


    Well Chrizzly92, I asked this because after playing a long time OMSI2, launching new game from the main menu, swapping busses etc... randomly when driving I get struggles sometimes with totaly blank map without sceneries and closing OMSI2 then restarting again it advice me to reduce multithread feature that I don't want anymore. I wish simply get ride of this multithreading issues.


    Thank you for your answer Chrizzly92.

    So doing what I setup through task manager don't anything better than letting all my CPU cores doing the job whatever code programming is used by OMSI2 ?!

    That's means tweaking with the task manager the priority and affinity cores don't improve anything ?

    As I can understand it is better to have fewer more cores (instead only two cores as recommended) and a upper clocked CPU to get ride from conflicting multithread issues ?

    Sorry I'm a bit lost to understand how OMSI2 handles and use the multithreading feature... What do the job to use multithread ? OMSI2 code program or simply the windows management ?


    Hi All,

    Seeing the recommended advice CPU on Steam it is said a dual core at 2.8 Ghz.

    Well I use a i7 965@3.2 Ghz quad real cores CPU and four virtual cores.

    As I'm a very noob guy on the side of program coding and how this game use the multithreading stuff, I wish to know if OMSI2 get the benefit to just meet the recommended CPU feature i.e. two CPU real cores and two virtual cores eventually.

    Each time I launch OMSI2, I set up through the task manager the OMSI2 priority to "above the normal" and the affinity CPU cores only to 2,3,4,5 assuming the 2 and 4 are real cores and 3-5 are the corresponding virtual cores.

    Could I expect more stability for OMSI2 with this settings or am I wrong thinking enabling too much cores to treat multithreading feature could provide some conflicting situations ?!

    Does OMSI2 benefit to use more two CPU cores or does it coded to use only at maximum two cores for multithreading purpose for the best stability ?

    Thank you very much to help me to understand how OMSI2 handles or use multithreading features to get the best of this game.



    Hi All,

    I wonder to know if it is possible to set the game at 3840x2160 or 2560x1440 resolution and displaying it at 1920x1080 ?

    As it isn't a setting option for different available resolutions in options I would to know if it was possible and how to do so ?

    (Entshuldigung mit Google Ubersetzer...)

    Ich würde gerne wissen, ob es möglich war, Display-Auflösungen wie 3840 x 2160 oder 2560 x 1440 Display und einer Bildschirmauflösung 1920 x 1080, wenn möglich zu setzen?

    In den Spieloptionen , gibt es keine Möglichkeit, eine Display-Auflösung zu wählen.


    Yessss !!!

    Thank you very much to bring these accurate infos.

    All well understood.

    A last question : is Wagramer Strasse near to Donauzentrum ? ; as if I wish to simulate to drive to the VRG depot I can stop at Donauzentrum station or if it is possible to the parking place near KAGRAN like that was in Vienna High Floor LU200 first addon.

    On other side I don't know well where is the LPD garage direction perhaps in the opposite direction of KAGRAN (going to Kraygasse stop ?) starting at Kagraner Platz .

    Anyway as the depots are not implemented, I will end my shedule at Kagraner Platz and starting another shedule if needed.

    Best wishes hoping you have a nice week-end.


    Hallo, (Mit der Hilfe von Google Übersetzung leid)

    Ich beendete meine Tage als Busfahrer im Jahr 2006 am Kraganer Platz U.

    Mein Fahrplan zeigt mir, ich muss nach die Garage Leopoldau zu fahren.

    Wo ist diese Bushaltestelle ?

    Ich suchte schon in dem Verzeichnis Wien 1 Linie 24A, aber ich habe nicht eine Straßenkarte oder sogar nicht in der Haupthandbuch Wien 1 finden.
    Im Spiel gibt es keinen Einstiegpunkt für "Leopoldau".

    Ihre Hilfe ist willkommen.


    Zitat von »gege21«

    should the first nummer be the nummer of the starting station or the destination station ?

    It should be the number of the destination station.
    Es muss zuerst die Nummer des Ziels kommen.

    Vielen danke für ihre Antwort. Das erklärt mich


    Thank you very much for your answer. That clear me


    Ich habe das selbe Problem als Herr Blader zu eingesezt die Serien Nummer als zum beispiel " Z: 7ü11ü3 "... Die Zahl 3 kann nicht registrieren.
    I have the same problem as Mr Blader got to enter a serial number as i.e. " Z: 7ü11ü3 "... The number 3 does not register.

    I saw ViewApp could reproduce the same issue and it will be fixed in a next update. So I'm waiting patiently ...

    My best wishes

    Another question : where is the garage stop named "Leopoldau" ?
    As I end my driver journey at Kagraner Platz in 2006 year, the shedule indicate only one more stop at Leopoldau. I didn't found a road map doc in the Vienna 1 line 24A folder neither in the main Vienna 1 manual. And in game it isn't a Leopoldau entry point.

    Could someone help me to find this garage stop point ? It will be very appreciated



    Hi, Hallo,

    Sorry to write in English as I don't master well German language neither English but it's easier for me and google translator don't give better help.

    I got the same problem as Blader guy with the IBIS system starting at Breitenlee Shule to Kagran destination. I set the Ziel code as Z: 9, 2, 9 but the front bus display Breitenlee and not the destination Kagran.
    If I set the Ziel code as Z: 2, 9, 2 the front bus display well Kagran but the announcement for the first stop who should be Breitenlee Ort is instead Agavenweg in the opposite direction and overall not to the Kagran direction.

    A simple question on the Ziel sequence code : should the first nummer be the nummer of the starting station or the destination station ? Because depending of the case the front bus don't display the final destination but the starting station.

    I hope to have been clear and you can understand
    Sorry for my bad English and to the German community.


    Vorgartenstraße does not exist on the map. You drive to Donauzentrum and remove your bus there.

    Ah OK thanks for this info. Does it means that Donauzentrum station spot is on the Vorgartenstrasse in real life or on the map ?

    Anyway now I know where to drive to when the planning tell me go to Vorgartenstrasse....


    And plus I just went to buy VIENNA 1 and VIENNA 2 add'on thinking there was a miss in the HIGH FLOOR BUS LU200. Anyway I'm happy to have bought these two add'ons as they are well polished.


    Have a good day Autobusfan thx again.


    Hi, Hello,


    Sorry to write in English as I don't master well German language. Even with google translator that translate not so right.

    So I have a little problem when I end my driver journey at Invaliedensiedlung station, the fahrplan tell me to go to Vorgartenstrasse betriebs.
    I suppose this spot is the garage or something like that (depot) (BetriebsHof). But I don't have this name "Vorgartenstrasse" in the list of the entries map.

    Can somebody tell me where to find this Vorgartenstrasse station on the map (Add'on VIENNA HIGH FLOOR BUS LU200 the first of the VIENNA serie).

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English.



    Hi All


    In the same order of idea what is the model bus who has manual shifting gear because I believe all the default bus M.A.N. have automatics shifting gear ?! ( 1, 2, D or 3 for automatics gears)

    Is there a particularily set up to get manual shifting gear on all the default bus.

    I have already seen in the properties setup tab controler there are predefined set for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 gears a neutral and reverse position for a shift as on the G25 or G27 Wheel.

    I would like to test in manual shifting if it is possible.

    Thanks to explain how to get a manual shifting for the M.A.N. bus ingame


    It is possible as when driving the Lion's City DTF it has this and updates the announcements automatically. Even when you miss out a stop as no-one wants to alight or leave and drive straight past it updates and then announces the next stop without the use of any key.

    I don't have much experience with scripting yet however I do believe you can take a look at the IBIS script for the Lion's City DTF and work out how to do it.

    Thank you very much for your answer...

    I would just to know if it were possible with the stock bus MAN particularily with the D92 SD202 without Scripting something just setting some parameter ingame.

    Althought as I don't know anything how to script such feature, I believe I will stay with the basic announcements pressing Q key before reaching the next station


    Thank you for your infos about the Lion's City DTF.


    Hi All


    It is said in the Wiki Faq :

    Will there be working matrix displays, passenger information systems and announcements?

    Matrix displays will be possible, grid matrices as well as full matrices. They can be operated using the keyboard or using the simulated information-device just like the real thing. Manual or automatic announcements will be possible.

    Questions : how to set a manual announcements ? how to set an automatic announcements ?

    Through these questions I want to set an automatic announcements to make a possibility when I drive to the near area of a next station instead to press the Q key the announcements will to switch automaticaly without pressing Q key. Is it possible ?