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    Hi all


    After a complete uninstall of OMSI via Aerosoft launcher and dowloaded again the main program + the patch V1.04 (about 20Mb file) from my Aerosoft account, I have installed again the OMSI main program which is now in V1.04 as notified on the Aerosoft launcher. I have also installed the patch after the main program installation. All is running fine on my computer but I am surprised to see into the Logfile.txt which is located into the OMSI folder, a lot of errors reported openning this Logfile.txt

    I get more than 300 lines of errors report but the game run fine


    As the OMSI main program is already in V1.04, does it necessary to apply the patch V1.04 ?


    Hi All



    Where to put the new command line options ( -savelog / -nolog / -logall )

    Is it after the command line launch program as : Omsi.exe "-windowed" -nolog ?!

    Any accuracies appreciated




    Hi !

    I wonder to bring you some experienced how to use Logitech Game Profiler soft.

    What is following is only my results of many tests realized on some game as OMSI, ETS2, Race 07 and so on...

    First :the FFB (Force Feed Back effects) are only take on charge by games who manage such feature. But not always : in OMSI I get a hit
    effect when I hit a sidewalk with the Bus fore wheels because you have a parameter feature in the game to set up ( tick or untick a case )
    to authorize or not a hit with environment objects.

    FFB in soft Profiler:

    1- the first three sliders for FFB are only for effects :

    The first slider is for overall combined forces applyed onto both the two following effects. (it is like a master setup)
    The second is for centering wheel effect i.e. when you travel through a hole road or a watered surface.
    The third is for damper effects i.e. when the road is not enough planed. Your car is jumping like.

    Well that said if you want to make a "Spécific Profil for your game" you must set these sliders values in percentage greatest than them
    set into "Global parameters".
    It seems the Profiler soft apply always the greatest values either them set into Global parameters either them set into "Specifics parameters
    for a game profil".

    i.e. : if you set the percentage values of your choice into "Spécifics parameters" greatest than them set into "Global parameters",
    the Profiler soft apply those from "Specifics parameters setup".
    In opposite if you set the values of your choice into "Global parameters" greatest than them set into "Specifics parameters",
    the Profiler soft apply those from "Global parameters setup".

    2- the centering wheel bump = the wheel return automaticaly to his center position (straight forwards direction)
    after you have turned it on the left side or right side.

    Here this is the only one parameter with ticked box and slider percentage values which is managed only from "Global parameters"
    whatever you set values for this feature into "Specifics parameters".
    Even if you set this feature slider to 0% and unticked box into "Global parameters" and you try to set the silder value greater
    than 0% and the ticked box into "Spécifics parameters for a profil game" you will get no effect into the game for this feature.
    The only one possibilty is to set this feature into "Global parameters" to get an effect ingame.

    3- the steering wheel rotation angle.

    Whatever you set into "Global parameters" for this feature, the Profiler soft apply always the setup made into the "Specifics
    parameters for your game profil" if your game is detected correctly by the Profiler software.

    i.e. that is not always enable for the STEAM platform games because into the profil game properties (Profiler soft) the
    executable file game is not always well detected or well known by Profiler soft and your specific profil game setup is not
    applyed by the Profiler soft. This is valuable for FFB effects and others wheel set up into Profiler soft.

    I hope this help you as a guidance to set as you like your G25 or G27 logitech wheel with the Profiler soft.


    Hi angvik97

    I have a G25 wheel but that will not be too different for you

    Following is my set up for Profiler Logitech : (sorry as my language is french I hope you will understand what is described)

    1- parameters global :

    2- parameters special for the game :

    3- setup only for the POV into profiler :

    a) Left POV = left view

    b) Right POV = right view

    c) Up POV = apply station brakes to open fore doors

    d) Down POV = apply parking brakes

    4- Some setup for axis properties :

    a) Wheel

    b) Trottle pedal

    c) brake pedal

    d) I use the clutch pedal as to Q key for annoucements stations and this is set into OMSI tab controler

    5- Setup into OMSI interface for the wheel controler

    a) Wheel and pedals

    b) buttons part 1 : as you can see I set the button 7 as "blink light right off" and the button 8 as "blink light left"

    b")buttons part 2 : as you can see I set the button 11 (on the shifter) as auto gear D or 3 key, the button 12 as auto gear neutral and button 15 as auto gear reverse

    If you have any question to "how to", don't hesitate to ask furthermore. I will be glad to help you.

    Best regards


    Hi All !

    I am new on this forum and own OMSI 1.02 since one month ago bought on Aerosoft shop as download form.

    I want to thanks all the OMSI staff to provide us a such great game wich I have discovered with an amazing pleasure and fun.

    Althought I wish to ask one question : for those who have allready bought OMSI 1.02 does it means they must paid the full price 19,99 Euros for this new OMSI 1.03 patch ?

    Or there will be a discount special price for OMSI 1.02 owners to get the OMSI 1.03 patch ?

    Thank you very much ... OMSI THE BEST BUS SIMULATOR


    Best regards