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    I've read it x times already that you'll be making the Berlin version only, so here's the same question, but just worded differently:
    Will you be making any further development after the release of the Berlin version? In other words, will you try and make other versions and/or equipment afterwards? Or even just simple "generic" versions with "most common" equipment (MOKI dashboard or four doors, whatever suits your fancy) ;)
    The one thing about Solaris is that its equipment possibilities are pretty much endless - they are damn adaptable to whatever the customer wants and as such we see a ton of various models, different in each city.

    Thanks in advance for a reply :)


    Wooooah. Nice job so far, I definitely feel the Irish town climate, but get the fuel prices right :D (Right now they're around €1.45 for diesel and €1.55 for unleaded-95 per litre.)
    Keep on going, you're doing a good job at getting the hang of the rular Irish climate.


    Hello, it's me again :D

    Although I've noticed this once the add-on was released, I haven't thought of asking about it until now:
    Would it be possible to create a small extra package (that one could install only if they wanted to) that would include the real 688 timetables? Real, meaning running times from 0:45 to ca 4:35, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 2 buses. I am aware of the fact that script changes are required for the buses in order to take the two umlaufpläne instead of the current one (I tried to do something for my own map, getting a script error, by the way, but as it's not an important feature, I don't really mind), but, still, would it be possible? (As somebody whose "area of expertise" in the public transport hobby is the timetables, especially such trivia as umlaufpläne, it would be really nice to have the real thing even here.)

    Also, I've had a look over the 109 schedules many times - are the pauses between the rides really that short or are there changes compared to the real schedule? I find it hard to believe, considering the many "whines" on the Polish forum about the tight schedule in terms of driving time, that there would be such short breaks. And, as somebody trained in the "Polish school of bus timetables", seeing duties without a proper 15-minute+ break is... well, cruelty:D

    Thanks for a reply :)


    Here's something that's been bugging me as somebody from Poland - since in Hamburg one can board through any door (at least on the standard services as far as I remember, I don't know about the Schnellbusse because I never used them:D), have any modifications been applied to OMSI itself in order to allow that? (read as: have m+r worked on passengers recognizing the trailer as well?)

    I'm quite looking forward to testing the buses in OMSI myself now - maybe not on Hamburg, but my own map should suffice me:) I've been hearing opinions on the Polish forum that this might be the best official add-on so far, and I wouldn't be shocked, in all fairness;)


    Projekt Szczecin 4.0.0 will be released for OMSI 2 only within the next month or so. As the translator of the readme I have the following information:
    > all necesarry addons are included in the package (as was always the case), and
    > the release is planned fo January 2014.

    So far, I know not much more.

    63 will be currently the longest route on the map, spanning a distance of almost 18km and a journey time of ca. 45min. With a 12-minute frequency in rush hours, the route requires 8 buses Monday-Friday, of which 4 are full-day boards and 4 are rush-hour only (63/3, /5, /6 and /8 are full-day, 63/1, /2, /4 and /7 are rush-hours). However, the weekend schedule has a mere three buses there.
    Tram AI service will be possible, but will require extra file extraction to be enabled - and an AI priority setting of 4. Things have changed slightly and priority 1 is only for the routes that one can drive (57, 58, 59, 63, 68, 82 & 522).

    Beyond that, I don't think I should tell you much more.


    Wait, so is that why neither my OMSI 1-times nor my newly-being-created OMSI 2 maps don't want to launch in OMSI 2? When it comes down to roads, I've used only splines that I've written myself (there are only but a few splines from other authors, and actually just one from m+r in the OMSI 1 map) and I get a lovely "Fehler bei Bereichspüfrung" whenever I load either one.
    A friend of mine from the Polish end of things told me that all I need to eliminate the Fehler is to place pedestrian-pathed splines on every tile that doesn't have one - but as far as I remember, the OMSI 1 map has exactly that already...!

    This isn't putting me in a good mood. I don't care about the OMSI 1 map in OMSI 2 (I'm still gonna develop that map in 1.06), but if the other map doesn't want to co-operate, I am not gonna be the happiest person over here, that's for sure.



    Thank you for the tutorial, but I have a problem. I downloaded the file, went on "Convert to World Coordinates" and typed in the Latitude and the Longtitude. Then I wanted to change to the map, which was created by the "Convert to World Coordinates" option, but I got the error: "Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung" ("Error by range checking"). Have you got an idea, what I did wrong? I hope you or somebody else can help me. :)

    I underlined what seems to be a missing step between. Did you extract the .hgt file into \DEMImport\SRTM\Data? Otherwise OMSI will not be able to load the data in the first place ;)


    I'll raise the stakes on this question:
    What URL/whatever do I have to put under [Editor_LinkAerial] in options.cfg in order for the M.E. to recognise it and download the imagery? I've tried three different Google Maps links known publically enough, although there is another website that I know I would like to use if possible. The region is Southern Masovia in Poland, if it helps.


    It is now safe to say - a certain era in public transport has ended in Warsaw, the Polish capital. Why? Yesterday it has joined two major groups of Polish cities:
    a) with 100% low-floor bus service; and
    b) with no Ikarus 2xx-series buses in service.
    Although not recognized as much, the exploatation of Jelcz M181MB buses has also ended yesterday.

    After 35 years of continous exploatation, Warsaw has now ceased using the Ikarus buses, especially the 280 series, which has lasted until the very last day. The last bus to go on its last ride to the garage was a 280.70E #5715, which did the afternoon shift of board 705.04 on Friday, Nov 29. A picture of it entering the 4th bus garage at Stalowa St can be found here >>,…,Ikarus_280_70E_5715.html. Starting from 20:48 Friday evening, all buses running in Warsaw will be at least partially low-floor. And I don't think it will take too many years for the same to happen in the tram fleet, especially after the recent realisation of the "contract of the century", the supply of 186 low-floor PESA 120Na trams.

    Cities in the Silesian conurbation are also planning to "exterminate" their Ikarus 2xx buses, with the exception of one company, by the end of this year. Thus, the only cities in Poland that I personally recall that will be still using Ikarus 280 buses in public, routed service, from January 1, 2014, are as follows:
    > Bielsko-Biała (MZK)
    > Częstochowa (MPK)
    > Katowice (PKM)
    > Kielce (MPK)
    > Opole (MZK) just said bye-bye to their Ik280s...
    > Siedlce (MPK) ?
    > Wrocław (MPK)
    (in brackets - operator)
    Although there might be some other cities that I don't know about.

    Either way. Much like in 2010 in my homecity, pretty much the day before yesterday, an icon of the public transport has really disappeared from our eyes.


    We also try to make the timetable a bit more interesting. Let's say an example, because I have no idea how this kind of timetable is called in English... So you start to drive e.g. on line 260, after the final stop you start a new route but that time on line 412, and so on. This is very similar to the timetables we have in real life. That's the plan, now we only need to make it work.

    This kind of schedule has a specific name in Warsaw, which, when translated and twisted a little bit, could be a "multi-route board" or "multi-route duty" (in Poland we most often use the word "brigade" for specific duties, but this doesn't carry on the meaning in English...). Here's an example of such a board from Cracow >> >> which probably shows the idea the best from what I have at hand.
    Just to illustrate... :D

    Also, excellent job with the fences. Alpha-textures is a very handy fps-raising tool in OMSI that I believe isn't always used to its full extent... :)


    Ich habe total keine Ahnung warum wir haben dieses Typ der Frage auf unser Forum... Ich habe eine Frage geseht ("Jakiego koloru jest banan?") und das Antwort für diese Frage ist "żółty" oder "żółtego" (= gelb; der Untershied ist nur das Deklination), aber ich weiß nicht ob das is die einzig Frage...
    Welche add-ons suchst du für?

    Excuse my failure of a German... :E

    EDIT: @below, true, thanks :) I forgot about that completely :)


    As for low-poly fences, I can only but suggest these >>…iego26?pid=86922#pid86922 >> alpha-texture-low-poly fences by a renowned vBus modeller. And, y'know, vBus teaches you how to cut on polygons in modelling, so you can trust these ones (the author claims that the net is 4 polys only).

    But otherwise, I have to admire that, as always and ever before, this is a very good map! I must congratulate you on your talent for scenery-making especially above all :) as well as be slightly jealous of the inter-city scenery-making talent as a mapper myself (I'm kind of more of a city builder). Although I've never been to Hungary, I look forward to this map quite a lot.


    I'm actually afraid that no-one has actually done any IRL videos of the real routes. What you can find are random "snippets", so to say, done from outside of the buses. Have a dig down through this website >> >> and you'll find various photos, videos, news bits that Google Translate will chew up into a pulp, fleet infos and so on so forth :)


    The fleet number is always an excellent means of recognizing the garage:
    -> three-digit fleet numbers are usually articulated buses from SPPK Police
    -> four-digits 1xxx - SPA Klonowica
    -> four-digits 2xxx - SPA Dąbie
    -> four-digits 3xxx - usually solo buses from SPPK Police
    The second digit is the manufacture year's last digit (with used buses it isn't too rare to find a different digit and a different year), whereas the two last digits are the next number in the above criteria. With an exception or two, below 49 are solos whereas above 50 are artics.

    In the link provided we see, amongst others, #1104, #1105, #1107 and further down the page is another bunch of #1xxx buses. These photos were taken at the SPA Klonowica bus garage, at Klonowica Street 3c. It must have been an open day of sorts to "celebrate" the buying of the new Solaris buses.


    A question that I was supposed to post earlier but forgot about (if already asked, sorry, my German doesn't even reach the chassis of a SD202):
    For schedule creations, will each station link have specified journey times at certain times (or with common profile names) that will be added to the total journey time, or will the journey time be created with each route separately? The first option is more common in professional timetable creation software (station links rather than whole journeys to unify journey times across several routes on a common route section) than the latter, therefore the question :)


    Some translations of the screenshot subtitles :)…ojekt_Szczecin_4.0_14.jpg
    1) Gocław terminus. Today we finished working on the northern stretch of route 58, to the bus-tram terminus "Gocław". To start off, to the left you can see the currently closed ticket-traffic control building, nicely painted by the local peoples.…ojekt_Szczecin_4.0_15.jpg
    2) Gocław terminus. The Solaris Urbino 10 rests on route 58, and in the background a train peeks out.…ojekt_Szczecin_4.0_16.jpg
    3) Gocław terminus. The Solaris Urbino 10 rests on route 58. The terminus, as usual now, was created by tomass94 :)…ojekt_Szczecin_4.0_17.jpg
    4) Gocław terminus. The Solaris Urbino 10 rests on route 58.…ojekt_Szczecin_4.0_18.jpg
    5) Gocław terminus. Evening hours. A MAN NL202 on route 102 in SPPK livery came to the Solaris Urbino 10 on route 58.…ojekt_Szczecin_4.0_19.jpg
    6) Gocław terminus. Evening rest on the terminus, waiting for the time-wise coordinated tram on route 6.

    Soon a video of sorts will appear of driving on route 58.

    Somebody kindly do a decent translation into German please? :)