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    I don't exactly know whether new routes will be coming or not - but my guess at this stage would be 69 and 87.

    Regarding night routes, 524 is the longest, with a full circle (that is, terminus A to terminus B and back to A) of 75.93km. The reason for its length is that not only it goes to Police, a town about 13-15km to the north of the stop Komuny Paryskiej, but it also crosses the town down to Pomorzany. Then you've got 522 at 60.18km (again, a full circle), 526 at 48.31km, 529 at 46.07km. All the other are shoerter. Night routes in Szczecin are a tad longer, I agree, because they serve much more areas at a less number of routes.
    Having said that the Police route, 524 (btw, Police is pronounced "poh-lee-tzeh"


    ) is the longest of night route (and, at a turn of events, longest of all, at least in the summer, reduced timetable), you'd think that another Police route is the longest of the day ones. Well, you're right. 103 is at 48,06km/circle and 101 is at 46,59km/circle. Of the pure-Szczecin ones, 79 is the longest at 37,60km/circle. Don't get fooled by 73, by the way - it's a circular route where buses, after completing a clockwise circle, will go onto the anti-clockwise and vice versa. All of these calculations come from the authority's main timetable service >> .

    By the way - night routes' scheme >> . 522 is light blue, 524 is pink. Day routes can be seen here >> >> and this may also explain 73 to you in some way


    Oh, and last of all - Warszewo terminus at night >> . Believe it or not, 522 is operated by neither SPAK, SPAD nor SPPK - but by the PKS. PKS are local bus companies that organised (and some still do, but in a somewhat destructive manner


    ) and run many local bus services in their respective areas. Some fell, some still keep on going on, some were bought out by bigger concerns like Mobilis or Veolia.
    Krucza Dom Kombatanta at night >> >> and Krucza St. at day >> .
    Wiszesława >> >> and >> .

    And the last thing - FYI, I'm not from Szczecin (which can be seen to the left) and I've never actually been there.
    Uff. That's long...


    English readme is available for download here:

    There probably won't be a German one, due to me not knowing the language... Unless you want to translate it, feel free to


    I could potentially consider Spanish, but you'd have to give me more time than that - I did that whole thing in roughly 20 minutes


    @JunGRail, I already answered your query regarding the 522 on the Polish forum - it's too long. The section between Warszewo and Kołłątaja is 6.59 km long. That leaves 23.65 km of the route eastwards. Unfortunately, no computer would be able to handle this (except NASA


    ), at least in this version of OMSI. Along with an extension of 522, you're potentially getting 56, 64 and C to drive and another 28 AI routes, these including the already missing ones. D'you feel like it?



    Gleiches Problem mit der Schilderbeschriftung habe ich auch.

    Same problem with the signs marking I have.(Google translate)

    jelenito: Die Linie 82 fahrt bei mir um 11:00 Uhr von
    Kołłątaja ab.
    Müsste also bei dir auch so sein.

    Sorry for the English reply, but...

    This is an issue regarding some computers not loading up textfields with size values other than powers of 2 ({2,4,8,16,32,64,....}) properly. A suggestion from me is that you go to the following object files:
    <installation folder>/Sceneryobjects/Szczecin/
    and in each textfield definition you change the first two numeric values after the font name (third and fourth line) to their closest powers of 2: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096.

    Hope you understood what I'm on about.

    Warum erinnert mich die Strecke so an die Map die mit vBus 3.1 geliefert wird?

    Das kommt mir ein bissn bekannt vor

    Wait, was there a vBus 3.1?


    The dashboard in M121MB is something that the guys in Jelcz created themselves. Honestly, I don't know what to say about it, though. On the other hand, the M125Muses the Siemens VDO dashboard.

    OT: KaJot, drugie angielskie zdanie napisz tak: "The Jelcz M125M was supposed to be a Polish competitor of the MAN NL223"


    Pietrek S. z polskiego forum.


    kopmania: I don't know exactly what the new route will be, but my money is on the 68 from Plac Rodła to Kormoranów - again, this is not confirmed.

    If it is in fact the 68, then the running hours will be quite short (check the official timetable here >> ) as the route is a Mon-Fri 0500-1800 route... Despite this, this is the only route that makes sense to me at this stage... Maybe 69? But the author didn't say anything about anything new from Kołłątaja, so probably no.

    As to AI: 70, C, D, G will be, probably, the 4 new AI routes included. I don't know if trams will be, though, but if they do work out something, then expect 1, 2, 3, 4, 8BIS, 9 and 12 as well.


    As to the hitbox at Kormoranów, it is an unusual problem. Apparently the parking lot opposite of the bus stop has a very wide hitbox that was reaching the bus stop. It has been fixed and will be available in the v.3.0.

    Das Problem in der Haltestelle Kormoranów ist fixiert. Die Korrektur wird erst freigegeben werden Verzion 3.0.
    (Entschuldigung, Google Translate


    Ich sprache nicht Deutsch dann ich lerne Spanisch. Aber, aber... ich kann beginnen...)

    As to the Editor error, it seems that the Editor is reading the map folder name as an integer instead of something else. I have zilch idea where that is coming from, perhaps the Internet Expoler?:DJK.


    This is probably an issue regarding the traffic light set up - at this junction, the traffic lights are in form of (I believe) 9 cubes at different location with the same traffic light script, where each cube is assigned a different traffic light. The problem might be as simple as the traffic light being "parented" to the wrong cube or the cube having the wrong traffic light phase assigned to it. Just load up the Map Editor to see what's going on there. My guess is that, in the next version, the 9 cubes are either going to be changed into a single cube (a different set up, both of these being "found" out and presented by one of the guys at our Polish OMSI forum) or changed into a junction 3D object, much like the junctions in the original Berlin map and like the ones coming up in v.3.0 around Plac Rodła and that already exist at Rondo Gedroycia / Kołłątaja and Rondo Sybiraków.

    As to Kormoranów and the northbound (well, southbound in the simulation as the author has constructed the map the wrong way around...8|:D) bus stop, I have never expierienced such problem as I drive without collisions switched on (I assumed that this would give me more fps:D). I'll ask mpaw82 what the story is, though.

    Sorry for the essay, I have a habit of writing full explanations when typing a message, and yet trying to stop myself from writing shortcut answers in the exams (this resulting in 83% in my most recent English exam;)) :D.


    omsidriver(H): so far, the authors (yes, a new guy has joined the original author and is currently the main road builder) are not planning on including any trams. This is for two reasons: traffic issues and lack of models. Currently, the Szczecin tram fleet is based upon the typical Polish 105Na single-car tram, with many versions of it, the ex-BVG KT4Dt and T6A2D (and I'm hearing that Julian was making the first, but whatever happened to it, I have no idea) and the most recent addition - the low-floor PESA 120NaS. Though, yes, it would be a very welcome addition.
    Speaking of trams, it seems that the author has no respect as to the current changes regarding the tram route 3 and the replacement route 803 - they are not included anywhere even though these two routes pass the Kołłątaja terminus...


    HarryB: just looking at the map in the editor - there is practically no hit-box in that location you've shown there. The only objects there that you can't see are the people boxes and the bus stop helper and these have no hit-boxes in the simulation per se. I've completely no idea.


    I'm not entirely keen on downloading new buses (or maps for that matter), but this one... the detail... astonishing. Many features of the bus are lovely and I must say that there are definitely some new features in this model that haven't been in OMSI before.

    My favourite part of the bus? Hmm... the IBIS setup. It's so complicated that I just love it. It only took me seconds to work it out (more or less) and the knowledge of the cyrylic alphabet helps here to some extent. One thing I must point out to others is that there is a button on the right-hand side of the cockpit that switches on the 12V required by the GPS/announcer. Only when you flip it are you able to use the IBIS setup. This is ought to be one of the most interesting ones, besides the one found in the yet-W.I.P. Sor BN12.

    The author(-s) has(-ve) also created many versions of the bus which is a very nice thing of him(/them). I only drove two, though. Still, it is one of the best models in here, which can be, without question, placed alongside the standard SD/D and FRENZYMAX's NL202. We have seen a bus from the East, a bus from the West... now what? Centre?


    There is only one problem with the bus - or two, actually. One is that the idle engine sounds are very quiet in the cab, and I am not sure if this is a standard feature of the Caterpillar engine, but it is a little bit annoying when at one moment the engine is roaring from the 1500 rpm and the second it's hardly hearable at 580 rpm.... Another problem is probably the most common amongst non-m+r-software models, and that is texturing. Because of many texture files (of different types), we are dealing with more memory being consumed and therefore lower framerate. It's so bad in my case that when driving on an almost empty map (with a couple of streets and bus stops) it is bouncing every time I cross the lines (I had to put in extra lines 0.001 higher than the road)... Ah well, something for something, I guess...

    Overall - congratulations on the work. I would like to see more quality models being released by the Russian community - and their quality is magnificent!


    Thanks so much for your help, Road-hog123, as this spline is really the first and perhaps the most important spline in a new map I am creating (in fact, a reconstruction of once started but abandoned project that can be still found on the old forum). This will also, somehow, hopefully, help me with the Radom - Power in Precision project (even though no trams are to be found in Radom). Thanks once again.


    Thanks for an attempt, but the error keeps on appearing (as much as I'd like it not to...). I have created two files (one with my height profiles, and the other with yours) and none seem to work. I also have deleted the interheight height profiles in my original file shortly after yesterday's upload and that didn't seem to fix it either. Perhaps it's the Notepad that has got to do with it?

    BTW - do you get the error, Road-hog123?


    Good evening,

    I've been (half-successfully) trying to create a spline. It is to feature, from left to right:

    • a 5m-wide footpath
    • three traffic lanes, each 3m-wide
    • inside curb
    • under 7m of space
    • two tram tracks
    • under 7m of space
    • inside curb
    • three traffic lanes, each 3m-wide
    • a 5m-wide footpath

    However, I've been getting a very nice error from the editor (which, by the way, exists in every Spandau map that I have) - "Division durch Null", which means... what? Division by zero? (Lo siento, no hablo alemán porque estudio español en mi colegio:P. Oh, y me gusta español:D. ) I also received help from my mates at the Polish OMSI forum (first of all, they've cleaned it up a bit [some basic errors like texture file names, and texture callers in [profile]]), but, despite that, I've been still getting the error.

    Here is the spline >> >> (sorry for the link as opposed to a code entry but it kept on making it all weird...)

    Would anyone be able to tell me where the error is? There is something that causes the game to not work properly. There are some simplified values in the paths section (I simplified the ped, car and rail path width to 2, 3 and 2.4m respectively) - this could be setting it off - as well as some quite random texture values in the graphical lanes section.

    Thanks for any help!


    To anyone expierencing problems with AI tracks:

    - if you had the 1.0 or 1.1 version before downloading the latest release, version 2.0, DELETE the whole lot altogether before reinstalling the map from scratch.

    .hof files:

    - when selecting the garage/depot during new bus selection, please choose the "Projekt Szczecin" depot, as this is the name of the .hof file

    I will try and translate the manual some time soon, time permitting, of course. Seven hours of school a day, with over one hour of getting there and back, doesn't leave much free time.


    The minute I saw the link to this or another thread on the Polish forum, I knew it - I haven't wasted my €30. So, please, tell me this isn't a dream.

    Since this topic has got to do with the "fiver" (that's what the British and the Irish call anything that's 5), can I ask about relative matter, that is, DEM? There is one thing I want to ask about - will we have some sort of coordinates shower build in so we can work around? (going OT) I am currently building a map that I plan on building spot on to every metre or so, depending on how flexible splines are (I suck at Blender or any other 3D software, even though it'd be 50 times better), and I'd like to top off the realism with hills - I'll be honest and tell you all, I hate working with terrain in OMSI ME. But for realistic hills (the city I'm building has level 0m at 168m a.m.s.l), we'd need to define the coordinates exactly, wouldn't we? (EOT)

    Oh, wait. Seriously? There's a freaking hill at Rathaus?!



    You know what I'm gonna say... Keep up the excellent work. Again, €30 are not wasted, anyone who bought the game, even though my computer sucks without OMSI running...


    What I don't get at this stage is the lines in the release part:


    - The upload or otherwise distribute these objects is prohibited.
    - This will include the spreading of the objects along with a map.

    Does that mean that I cannot release a package with a map of mine with these splines in the installer/archive, but instead have to give a link so that there is a separate download of the objects/splines?

    Otherwise good work and keep on going - they are useful, aren't they!


    And the Czechs still think that David made the map... LOL.

    I've given my opinion on the Polish forum, so there's no point in giving it here. What I can tell, though, is that the map given to you is about 95% accurate, but not exactly - there are slight differences around the Kołłątaja terminus, and some other things, like lanes around different places. I can tell you - you need to download this map if you want to drive a truly real map. Even you guys, at m+r software!