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    I have to say this is still one of the best map created, however its just needs to be polished off, as its very rough around the edges. some extra arrows, some new starting points, extra squares to fill in the blanks.

    I take it the creator has give up making the minor updates?

    - The timetable "Sonn- und Feiertage" is selectable on sundays and public holidays.

    - The E-bus "Wagen 4" starts on workdays at 6:45 am. More information is available in the readme.

    Just releasied the Readme is hidden with one of the folders


    Its a great map, i do have a few enquires:

    * Stadtzentrum Sonn-U Feiertage How do you get this set Timetable up?

    * Where is E-buses: Wagen 4 timetable?


    I can never get past stage 4 can you offer any advice?

    I have moved content around etc and it still wont work. I cant even do the steps in the PDF guides as there all get stuck at Step five.

    I open up the zip file and then click into Berlin Spandua 2017... inside that, Map, texture, TTDate and Veichles folders plus over 1400 other piece mainly PRT, Map, et

    Its a good map, but some for roads are just white for me. I have followed the instruction etc and nothing really coming up on the log file expect the roller blinds:

    This is a good little map, not to big. Of course its looks a bit dull with the backgrounds but I dare say its work in process. Route 14 is good


    I do look forward to further updates.


    I cant seem to get Route 12 to appear.

    I have no idea where to find Splines\Steven\SK_stoep.sli, Does anyone know where you can find it?

    Please dont throw it all away, its a great map and Im sure most of us just want to give you as much information as possible to you created extremely aswume map. Of course being asked the some things every time can be rather annoying, but don't dispear!