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    No change !

    2 weeks ago i had some help with the Bad Kinzau map, but nothing helped.

    I have the same problem in most of the maps in omsi 2.
    this is from the Add-On Vienna :


    Thanks agian for all your help :thumbup::thumbup: but agian, no change.
    In the logfile it's still the same. i used the the Notepadd, but, the letters were already in German !
    Btw, according to the Map Tools everything is ok ! no missing Splines or Sceneryobjects ;):D

    Do you have another idea ? (except changing the pc language to German :))

    Thanks again !!

    I want to thank you for trying to help me :thumbup: but, still the same problems ! even after i replaced the letters...


    So, if you have any other solution, i will be more then happy to try :)

    Thanks for the answer, but i still get this erro mesage


    What am i doing wrong ?

    Thanks :)

    Have you remember to place them in the right folders? This happened to me Nightskulls folder was in the main Omsi folder. So I had to move that folder to Splines.

    It's already in my Splines folder... :(

    Log file