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    1. Welche Version von OMSI 1 oder OMSI 2 wird benutzt?


    2. Wie häufig tritt das Problem auf und in welcher Form? (Fehlermeldung, aber weiter spielbar / Absturz / Freeze / ...)

    no error while loading

    3. Welche Tätigkeit/Aktion führt zu dem Problem? (Neuen Bus platzieren / Fahren mit Fahrplan /...)


    4. Welcher Content wurde verwendet? (Karte, Busse, ...)

    Original spandau map

    5. Welche Mods oder Plugins werden verwendet? (SweetFX, ...)


    6. Logfile im Spoiler oder Anhang.


    7. Systemdaten (Betriebssystem, RAM, CPU, ...)

    windows 10

    Hello, I have a new pc and for the luzern add on i was searching for the controls to open and close the 3rd and 4rd door again on the standard luzern citybus with the KY actions but I dont know wich one. Can someone help me?


    The munchen add on is a very good and beautiful map with good performance so far but i have a couple of issues onmap, maybe there will be an update for it but also maybe i am not the only one ;)

    -No passanger voice and ticket selling

    -No horn

    -Passengers enter via all doors, also on the back

    -the gear changes to N when standig still

    -no sunscreen

    -passengers do not enter the hess trailer via the trailer doors but via the front of the bus and walk then to the trailer

    -the articulated version looks a bit like there are mutiple busses standig into each other

    -the sonderansagen does not work

    Hello, I have on the old ibis in the MAN Bremen bus (spandau ibis) there is no line number on the A37 and A40 bus. If i wanna put line 98, i do 09800 and route 01 but there is only the destination, not the line number. This is on the bremen 2017 map with version 2.01

    On the newer A40 where you can place the kurs number there is a line number but on the old ibis both busses not, what can i do

    I hope this is good.

    Hello, I have the Lemmental updated version from the advent calander but when i want to start i get this:

    zugriffverleztung bei adresse 00624BAC in modul 'omsi.exe'.
    schreiben von adresse 0000004

    I have no missing objects or splines and already downloaded GCW add on again but still no result. The normal version of Lemmental works fine.

    can someone help me out, Maybe i overlooked it.


    I have seen a new compute from where I heard it should be a good one.
    Can you tell me if this is a good computer to run Omsi, without the stuttering and zugriffverletzungs I have right now.
    It is a expensive computer, so I just want to be sure


    It is a:

    Intel Core i7-3820 3.60 GHz
    8 GB DDR3 working memory
    1000 GB Hard disk space
    Nvidia GTX 660 2 GB

    Can anyone help me ??
    I don't know much about computers


    I'm getting a zugriffverletzung when loading objects. Zugriffverletzung bei adresse 0059BE61 in modul.exe. lesen von Adresse 00000000 and the same error only then when i want tot close omsi it says Zugriffverletzung bei Adresse 004ED4C8 in modul omsi.exe. Lesen von Adresse 00000018.

    Have i done somthing wrong??


    At busline S1 when passengers are disembarcking the bus at Flughafen, they are walking trough the air, but no zugriffverletzung. Do you need to instal booth hotfixes and to where, because i see 2 times the map. Could someone exmplane?