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    Hi there,

    I've tried to install your map with all addons that are stated in the manual. However, when I load the map, some roads (the narrow roads) are all white, and can't find in the log what it is.


    Not without your logfile. But I guess you haven´t ALL of this addons.

    Where can I find this logfile? Never had issues as of yet.

    UPDATE: I've found it, thanks! I've disabled the fire brigade Mercedes because it was annoying, guess I'll have to put up with it.


    I have downloaded and installed this map and all the addons, however when I try to load it in Omsi, all I get is blue skies. Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Is it possible to correct the third axle's location? Right now the O530G has the same issue as th NG272, the trailing axle isn't configured properly somehow. When you take a tight corner, the wheel skids along as if it would countersteer like VanHool buses.

    Hi there,

    After a brand new install of the O530, I always get the error "Datei nicht gefunden" when I select "Mercedes-Benz" in the vehicle select window. This is followed by "Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 004FD784 in Modul 'Omsi.exe'. Schreiben von Adresse 2F86EC24."

    Any thoughts?

    Kind regards

    Never mind, found the culprit...

    Hi there,

    After I install your mod to the o530, I always get the error "Datei night gefunden" when I select "Mercedes-Benz" in the vehicle select window. This is followed by "Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 004FD78A in Modul 'Omsi.exe'. Schreiben von Adresse 00000020."

    Any thoughts?

    Kind regards

    Disregard, problem has moved itself to the actual bus itself, without mods...

    I use "Free Extract RAR Frog". I double-checked whether I can unpack the container and it worked. Did you remove all the "wrong" containers before downloading a new one? Because you wrote "the biggest" file. It is just one file!?!

    I assume that you do have sufficient disk space, don't you?

    I meant files as in different attempts to download it. And affirm, I got 400+GB left.

    FYI: The file has a size of 159.180 kb. Do your files have that size, too?

    And please believe me: It worked. I used Opera V12.12.

    All files have varying lengths, the biggest one is 159 180kb. So it is identical, but yet end of archive. I do believe you yours works, but after several downloads mine still doesn't work... Do you use WinRAR to unpack?

    EDIT: I just tried with Opera 12.12, same error once again.

    EDIT2: I tried to unpack the files with 7zip to see if there's a difference, 7zip tells me the file "ADDON_PLsigns\model\b2s.3ds is damaged.

    Please update the download. When I download and extract from the rar file, there is an unexpected end of archive and the CRC check of one of the files isn't correct.

    Please re-rar the entire package and upload again, thanks!

    Hi there,

    All this German isn't really my thing, I've tried to search and translate with Google, but to no avail.
    I still have the error during installation (well, at the very beginning of the installation). I have executed the .exe as admin.

    Kind regards