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    Thank you, Tristan98, for this absolutely wonderful map! It is hands-down the best driving experience I have ever had in OMSI. I'm slowly learning the route, kinda getting the hang of it. I love how challenging a drive it offers, and how beautiful it all looks. SO REAL! Thank you!

    I have a question, though... I was trying to edit the ailists.cfg to replace the aging O307's with Citaro's (edited to allow 6-digit line codes), which worked, i.e. they were driving on the map, but I couldn't find a way to let them use four-digit line numbers despite editing to allow six-digit entries, so they displayed no line number (not even "342"), only destination. Is this even possible? If it is, could you enlighten us all on the subject?


    Thanks mate


    It's probably worth noting that I use a custom HOF file, so I simply did what the readme (included in the bugfix) told me to do (i.e. replacing part of the HOF file with the specified text).

    Looking through the Tettau announcements folder, I noticed that the audio file for Neukenroth is actually there, so maybe that one is simply missing from my file. Will try the supplied Vollmatrix HOF. The file for Stockheim Tankstelle does seem to be missing though... Will report my findings after my next drive-through



    Thank you very much for an absolutely great bus! It's fun to drive, it's detailed and it sounds fantastic


    I have one issue though: All coins and notes are offset vertically, so they seem to be floating in mid-air. See spoiler below (cash floating above return change bowl). This seems to be a general issue with OMSI 1 buses, but it is possible to correct it, although I don't know how (alTerr corrected it on his Citaro). Could you possibly hotfix this bug?

    Neither 100% related nor 100% off topic:

    I'm stuck in tutorial 4, i.e. the articulated bus tutorial. After placing the bus at the hospital bus stop, I do what the tutorial text asks me to: apply/release handbrake, interval wipers, windscreen washer etc. Last thing on the list is the bend protection (Knickschutz). The game tells me to "test the switch", but having tried pressing it, holding it, activating the bend protection by reversing through a corner, I cannot seem to get past this point in the tutorial.

    Seems more than one tutorial is bugged!

    Does anyone know of a solution?

    I had that problem too, but in my case (I have quite a powerful PC) it was down to OMSI 2 running out of RAM, which can also force a slew of error messages. Try downloading a free program called "CFF Explorer" and do the following:

    • Back up your OMSI 2 .exe file (make a copy of it, rename it to something like "OMSI.exe.BAK"
    • Run CFF Explorer, use the program to open the OMSI 2 .exe (the original, not the backup)
    • Choose "File Headers"
    • Next to the field Characteristics, press "Click Here"
    • Check the box next to "App can handle >2 GB"
    • Save the edited .exe

    This should prevent the game running out of RAM. Unfortunately I think it only lets it use 3 GB of RAM, but it's a 50% increase over the default 2 GB of a 32-bit application.

    Helped me anyway



    - ThomsenX

    I think currently the only way to install it is to let it install to Omsi 1 folder, then copy the files to your Omsi 2 folder. If you have Omsi 1 installed on that location, rename its folder temporarily, install the O305, copy over the files and rename Omsi 1 back to its original name.

    I'm not entirely sure why OMSI 2 does this, but try verifying game cache/files in Steam - it has a way of forgetting files. Remember to back up your options though, as verifying through Steam will reset it to default.

    Thanks, any idea on the fullscreen question?

    I assume you run OMSI 2 through Steam (AFAIK, everyone is forced to). Here's what you do:

    • Open the Steam Client
    • Right-click OMSI 2, choose Settings
    • Under the General tab, click the button Set start parameters (or something similar)
    • In the text box, enter the following text: -windowed
    • This should force OMSI 2 to run in windowed mode - the window should still scale to resolution, so if you have it set at e.g. 1920x1080, the window should be that size (if I remember correctly)

    See if that works


    How can i install OMSI 2 ?
    to MRsoftware folder?

    If I'm not much mistaken, you can't. Steam (which I assume everyone has to install through) only allows you to install to its own folders. I haven't had a chance to see the boxed version though, so I could be wrong.


    - ThomsenX

    Hello forum,

    I found a bug in OMSI 2 (surprise, surprise!), and a bit of a strange one too


    So here's the thing. I drove the NG272 on line 137 from Staaken Bergstraße to Falkensee Bahnhof with no problems what so ever. Turned around at the station loop, changed my destination and loaded the waiting passengers. Stopped at Seegefelder Straße and Falkensee Rathaus with no problems. Turned right and headed out of Falkensee. Just before Kölner Straße I noticed that the tiles directly in front of me - including the road - had not loaded. I drove into the white emptiness of what used to be a road, and down I fell, bus flailing about and the bendy-alarm screaming like crazy.

    Rinse repeat - I did the exact same thing with several other buses, and even once by just moving the camera from S+U Rathaus Spandau out to Falkensee Bahnhof and back again, and every single time, I would meet the same gaping nothingness.

    Decided to get it on tape. Skip to about 8:00 to see what I'm talking about:




    As I said, the bug only occurs when driving away from Falkensee, not towards it. Some kind of tile loading trigger that isn't being activated? I have no idea...

    If you have a solution, an idea or anything remotely helpful, please post it here. Thank you!

    Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße,

    - ThomsenX

    EDIT: This morning I realized that two other bugs I had observed in Falkensee could be related.

    One is an error message I get somewhere in the vicinity of Falkensee Rathaus. It reads:

    O3D Mesh: Create - Direct9 Error: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL

    The other, possibly related to the error message, is that there seems to be one tile, at Falkensee Bahnhof, that does not react to light/darkness. Regardless of dark weather, night etc., it insists on being fully lit:

    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the other two bugs, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    I'd guess not. Probably included in OMSI 2 for AI diversity. But if you haven't yet, buy it as soon as the devs release a compatibility patch for official addons. It's one of the best buses out there, I swear!

    On an unrelated note: YAY DENMARK


    (forgot the fact that I didn't fill in location and all that, but yeah, I'm from Denmark too.. lol)

    Haven't had a chance to test this yet, but alTerr, this looks GREAT! Can't wait to drive it


    On a related note: Is it possible to use Morphi's sound mod and/or the various mods made for the Cito/Citaro (non-G) with version 2 of your buses?

    Herzliche Weihnachtsgrüße,

    - ThomsenX

    Ich habe jetzt der Fehler gefunden.. Als ich meiner Repaints im BVG.cti hinzufügte, hatte ich eine Sektion vom RVB.cti kopiert, und scheinbar vergißte ich "RVB" zum "BVG" ändern. Jetzt funktioniert es!


    (I'll try in German.. forgive me for my lack of skills, lol)

    Im welcher Datei-Format musst man Textur-Datei für dem O530 speichern? Ich glaubte dass es DXT5 ware, aber dass würde nur ein lehre Textur.

    Können jemand hilfen?


    Thank you! First of all: I do take request. An old-Berlin-colored-O530 is no problem. I will create this repaint during the next few weeks . However, what do you mean by "modern BVG colors"? Perhaps the version with the small "beBerlin"-logo at the front?

    Awesome, thank you mate!

    Yes, that was exactly the one I was thinking of. I redid the original BVG texture so it would fit the CNG versions, but I must have messed up something when exporting, 'cause it showed up as a blank texture in OMSI. But I'm very grateful that it's now being handled by a professional


    (my German skills are a thing of the past, so I'll write this in English.. hope it's okay)

    First of all, thank you so much for your repaints -- they are gorgeous! I especially liked that Möbel-Hübner Citaro


    I'm not sure if you take requests or not, but in any case it probably doesn't harm anyone if I ask


    Is there a chance that you could make:

    • An O530 Citaro CNG (2 or 3 door model, doesn't matter too much) in modern BVG colors
    • Another O530 (regular 2/3 door) in old Berlin color (beige, like the default D92 etc.)

    No matter what the answer is, I appreciate the work you're doing.. Keep it up!

    Have a nice day


    - ThomsenX