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    I think, this steering wheel texure ist also a little bit to dark. I would say, you should take the colour of the steering wheel from Julian's O405N2.

    The steering wheel of Julian's O405 is belongs to Pedro and his came from O405 Camo ;)

    You have a O305 Addon? if you don't, is normal to show like this

    wait that was kind of order how much seats a bus get.

    so if there is one row of seats more than the owner of the bus wants a row more.

    The configuration of seats in 0405 of the Pedro i don't know because i never seen just like this but in the photo of the interior real bus i know very well :D

    Pedro : parabéns pelo modelo! :D irás lançar o repaint template mais cedo para o 0405? :P e nas bandeiras irás usar as LAWO de LEDs ou flipdots como nestas imagens?
    :P desculpa pelas perguntas :P

    congratulations for the bus! :D you will launch earlier a repaint template for 0405? :P and the destination blind you will use the LAWO LEDs or flipdots as these pictures?
    :P sorry for the questions :P…56944795_634961b1e4_b.jpg…56943955_bb557d858d_b.jpg