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    Helvete How does the Gearbox work? When I try to put in a Gear, it goes in and immediately out again. There is enough pressure. And when I looked for the triggers in the triggers list, I were unable to find them (funny Thing: The Triggers for retarder and Cruise Control are there)..

    Go to Inputs/gamectrler.cfg and check if any other steering wheel is activated. I got the same problem with my DFGT, turned out that G25 was activated at the same time. Just look for a "1" under the name.

    Author: Helvete (people who contributed are listed in the readme file)

    After almost four years, the time for release has finally come. I present to you MAN Lion's Coach and Lion's Coach L, hopefully the latter is somewhat of a surprise


    The project had its ups and downs, but fortunately I managed to put everything together and make something that, hopefully, will bring you joy and hours of fun. All the details connected to the operation of the bus are described in README.pdf, be sure to check it out. The project is definitely not perfect, so if you find any bugs, report them to me! Edit the bus however you want, just be sure to include me in the credits.

    I really enjoyed creating this addon with the help from this community, and I did put my heart into it. You can support me and my projects by donating here:


    Please do not upload this addon onto different servers, if there is any problem with the download links I will try to handle this on my own.

    Known Issues!

    If you’re having trouble with putting the bus in gear, meaning that when you engage the 1st gear and the symbol on the main display flashes for a brief moment and then immediately turns to neutral again you need to go to “Inputs/gamectrler.cfg” and check if any other steering wheel aside from yours is activated. Just look for a "1" under the name and change it to “0”.

    Download links:

    Each link contains a folder in which you will find the latest full package as well as all the patches.

    Mirror #1

    Hi guys! I have good news, the release date has been set to next Friday, 29th September 2017 at 20:00 CET. Here's the final video, showing a bit more of the Lion's Coach. Thanks for all support, it took a long time, but it's finished now!


    Hello guys! I obtained good quality sounds, so now it is time to re-open the project. Stay tuned, I will be uploading a video soon!

    Some new features (it's just a sneak peak, theres more!), including a new Euro6 steering wheel version available via setvar.

    You can support my work by donating via Paypal. Info on how to do it is on my fanpage, in "Donate" tab. Have a great day!

    Hey Morphi! I have sort of a question/offer for you, but I'd rather discuss this in private, is this possible to get your e-mail address? (I know I can send you a PM, but I'm guessing you get a lot of those, and I don't want my message to get lost :-))

    Yes, but you would have to remove all emblems.


    I'm releasing the repaint layout in *.PSD only, since there are very detailed shadows and compiling it to a single white *.tga file would, unfortunately, destroy all the subtle shading.

    There are a few groups in the file, everything is described:

    - Other - here you can change the version of some stickers (POL/GER versions available)
    - Shadows - containing ambient and diffuse layers along with other shading layers
    - Repaint details - here you should put the actual content (excluding the body color)
    - Windows - just the texture and an alpha outline (invisible by default)
    - Color - this layer is specifically to paint on (its mode is set to multiply plus it contains a layer mask)
    - Main - contaning the base color and some details

    If you want me to include your repaint in the package send me an e-mail at using the following outline:

    Title: <repaint name> <author>
    Attachment: I would prefer you to attach a PSD file, but you can attach a TGA as well.

    I'm accepting repaints sent by e-mail ONLY!



    - Due to the fact that the sounds will be recorded from a EURO 6 bus, I decided to remodel the exterior a bit to match its real-life version. (more screenshots soon)
    - The windshield now gathers condensation in specific atmospheric conditions and the mirrors can freeze in cold weather!
    - Engine temperature now affects how long the glowplugs will heat up
    - Alternative front as a setvar
    - Interior has changed a bit

    The release is soon. How soon - I cannot tell. This will be the only printer available. I will make a setvar so you can hide it, but then you will not be able to sell tickets normally or set the display.