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    Mix von Bratislava, Slowakei

    SOR B9.5 #3522

    SOR B9.5 #3522 cockpit

    TEDOM C12 G #2105 few weeks before fire burnout

    SOR BN10.5 #3435 on stop Bory Mall

    Solaris Urbino 10 III Euro 6 #2004 on "Ersatzverkehr"


    Solaris Urbino 15 III CNG #1206 on Apollo bridge

    I hope you liked the photos, more photos are availaible on my Flickr.


    Good evening,
    since yesterday I have with OMSI 2 problem. Each time I am loading any map, at the end of loading I see this:

    I do not know where the problem is, but my game is actually unplayable. I think there is a problem with Humans, as they are described in logfile. I have not changed anything in this folder, so I do not know what does it mean.
    Here is the logfile:

    The file of human always changes, once it is woman02, next time man01 etc.

    Please help me, I can't play the game.
    Many thanks.
    Best regards,
    Tambus 3700

    ich habe Probleme mit Hertfordshire.
    "Zugriff bei Bereichsprufung bei Adresse.."
    Inputs/Humans ist nicht gut, weil ich error habe.

    Entschuldigung für mein Deutsch