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    here is my logfile and i reinstall steam and omsi today so only have orginal maps and x10

    do you have 32bit or 64bit system? , i have 64 bit system and have little bit problems to play omsi because omsi is 32bit so love to wait when they make it 64bit.. what i know is for 64bit not losing memory etc when play same bit system but if you play 32bit game in 64 bit system well i hope u have good temp.. haha ummm how much u have cars and people in Ai traffic section?

    hi i dont know is this question been asked? is this bus getting ticket printer and kasse? if customer want to buy ticket where she or he want to go ? :)

    hi everyone

    i have question.i know its have been asking many times but what is the real of minimun computer spec for operating omsi? is it 2.6ghz or 3.3ghz? because been little confuse different sites tell different specs for operating this very good simulator what i enjoy drive everyday and suprise that my fps have been keep 15-30 but sometimes sunk like titanic and bus rabbit starts jumping but hope this problem getting solve and perfomance getting better :)

    i put every addons right before that i read installing where to put it but i have made wrong i dont know :(

    ok i get working but one object still not work even i done install it many times its that Crash Barrier

    hey friends i bought today hamburg dlc for omsi 2 but i get that odd dirct x error for those hamburg ai cars for to ahlheim ai list?? what i do wrong and i apogolize my bad english and i dont understand well german

    error fehler bei bereichsprüfung:

    hi just stupid question heheh is there comming for mb c2g skin for ahlheim colors? hehe i just love have that and feel im driving new buss in ahlheim v3 bus company :D oh yes there is problem in line 163 breitein sorry if i write wrong way where is that train over road and traffic light that is little bit high and hit my trailer and get everytime passengers out yelling im bad driver can it be fix in nexth update? :)