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    Hi members

    I and my friend building local city bus

    our project based SD 200 85

    I am very beginner level in modelling software but I solved "origin from mesh and anim rot " animation
    But gearbox contoller animation section

    1. [newanim]
    2. origin_from_mesh
    3. anim_trans
    4. cockpit_gang3
    5. -0.021

    I selected down corner of button model in blender and pivot point progres( cursor selection > object mode > center > cursor )

    my button moving left direction not pressing button animaton

    What should I do in blender.

    please help me

    nice work

    Traffic light timer is free for use object or special made for you?

    if possible can you take timers link?

    Type of download: Real map
    Name of project: Istanbul 4 Levent Sisli Map
    Participating users: kintek8
    Details: Real Map with 1 real city route and 1 fictive route
    Copyright: you may upload this map wherever you want, but please give credits. Any changes are forbitten.

    Hi OMSI Community This map from little part of Turkey 's big city Istanbul .
    27T (27) Sirintepe Sisli Ring route and fictive 4 Levent IETT Garaj Sisli Ring route .

    Map specifications
    1. Objects are localized in possibility
    2. Real building kiosk, ATM, shopping center objects model used on route
    3. Real bus repaints and Alternative AI Lists. (Otokar LF; M2000 are using local city bus and minibus )
    MB O530 Citaro, MAN EN 92, Three Gen Solo Buss, Ikarus 260 TITA
    4. Bus Stop Announcements.
    5. Turkish passenger voices
    6. Major AI City bus and minibus lines and AI helicopter

    Known bugs:
    1. Passengers are not get on bus in first bus stop
    2. repaints are very novice level because I m not expert at graphic software.

    Thanks for support and helping

    My Big Brother Ercan (oldcitylee) for Learning use OMSI Editor to me
    Ertan (1942ertan) for Object and support editor
    Sabahci for IETT Bus Stop Obj.
    Kazım(SLeepPForeveR) , Talha (TeDD-i), Utku (utku96) Alican (alicansaglam) for graphical editing, bus repaints
    All of used objects creators

    Used Objects Creators
    Emil, Kamaz,Busdriver1997,Yufa,DavidM, AFG Prag Map, Borzsony Map authors,MAN Lions City , Black eye , Roadhog, gcW(seadler),BMO, fellowsfilm,Tony A , Freeman , Swiss72, RWHH,3dtranstudio
    (I wrongly used RWHH ' s zaun objects because I thought OMSI org. objects . I realized Neuendorf objects ,try send pm to RWHH but his pm closed forum normal users. I excuse him and very very thanks

    IBIS Codes

    27T (27) Sirintepe Sisli Ring ----> Line:2700 Route 01
    61 4 Levent IETT Garaj Mecidiyeköy Ring ----> Line: 6100 Route:01

    AI Lines
    29S İstinye Dereiçi Şişli
    62 (62G) Gültepe Şişli
    63 Çeliktepe Kabataş
    59 Rumeli Hisarüstü Şişli
    41 (41ST) Seyrantepe Topkapı
    Minibus: Sarıyer Beşiktaş
    Minibus: Seyrantepe Topkapı

    My future projects adding Besiktas and Kabatas Routes

    Picture and Videos

    Thanks to Yesil Peterbilt06…avadan-kontrol_videogames

    Download Link(Please read Read me .txt for installation)

    İstanbul 4 Levent Şişli Haritası

    Fix: Traffic signs addded to map 4 Levent MapHofAncmnts.7z link updated . Please change maps/Istanbul 4 Levent folder .(optional)


    Otokar 290 LF Beta (for AI bus) by SLeePForeveR or
    Matrix Fix by TeDDi…tokar_Kent_290LF.rar.html

    Christmas Edition : Added Yufa 's Christmas objects and edited AI list for MAN SD 200 Xmas


    Hi everyone

    My problem in editor .

    I try to build a specific junction with trafic lights and using ampelsplines.

    In the first tiles there was no problem using ampel splines normaly but in the last tiles invisstreet.sli not attached to ampelsplines(I try davidm and busdriverobjekt ampelsplines does not matter) . Direct to attached previous invisstreet.

    This problem started I changed used other tunnel spline with addon simpe streets+ tunnel spline . I try attach spline to exit tunnel but spline dissapear.

    Anybody have information about this?

    thank you in advance
    (sorry my bad english)

    You can see my problem in this picture .

    thanks for great work ,very detailed.
    My review ; your object and splines folder structure arrangment by yourself , I have got all of necessary obj and splines , but you are copied in to different renamed folder

    example : terrain splines
    normaly -----> splines/Terrain Splines/Terrain Spline_Other textures\Terrain-Spline_Acker\4mTerrain_Spline_Acker.sli
    your folder
    Splines\Nouvelles textures\Terrain-Spline-V3_1\Splines\Terrain Spline\Terrain Spline_Other textures\Terrain-Spline_Acker\4mTerrain_Spline_Acker.sli

    negative results
    1. game engine will be hard to find objects for loading tiles,
    2.OMSı objects already take much space in our HDD , we loading the existing obj. splines with different folder name

    very very thanks road hog
    can you help me how editing matrix .osc you can show me adding character section in script file. I am very amateur for script editing

    right section in script file isnt it

    Hi everybody

    I m working my living city map to OMSı 2 . My city bus line number included "T" , "E" etc.. custom letter (ex. 36 T, 35 E )

    I editing hof file in info system trip section

    but in game when I enter IBIS code(L:3600 r:01) displaying matrix only 36 at line number ,I can adding letter manually line and terminus (click 92 )

    I searched in forum ,default OMSI 1 matrix (MAN SD202) displaying only German line specific letters (M ,N , U , S, X) , not supported different letters . If Kruger matrix addon loading and changing script and .bus file display custom letters and symbols

    Isn t posibble in OMSI 2 display different letters in matrix with default script and bus files


    if you added line and route your map in omsi 1 and not used czmod splines ,old version Addon gCW sceneryobjects ; your map open in omsi 2 . (you must open your map omsi 2 editor save ,t for convert omsi format before playing.)

    all of playable old maps bovdenham , romerberg ,...etc converting same method. (if map gives error read log file (omsi 2) , fixed problem omsi 1 editor then again try converting)

    if you not added line and route , omsi 2 template map updated and added unsched_trafficdens and unsched_vehgroups with 2.00.016 update . your copy two txt file (unsched_trafficdens and unsched_vehgroups) to your maps folder . You can editing and playing omsi 2