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    Its working now! Thanks :thumbsup:


    Everytime I start the game, I get a "ist keiner Gleitkommawert" error. I cannot change the settings, becouse the error geeps repeating an all the buttons up there as well.


    System information (Operating system, RAM, CPU, graphics adapter, ...)

    Windows 10 64-bit
    AMD A6- 7400K (3.5 Ghz)
    Nvidea GT750 ti
    4.00 GB RAM

    First of all, a very nice bus. I've just been driving it, and I am not dissapointed.

    I agree with omsipolice12 that the camera for the driver can be changed a little bit (lowered?). The textures aren't that bad for me. Maybe you can also change the blind, so that it is up when you enter the bus. It just doesn't feels right, for some sort of way.

    I also spotted a little bug in the latest model (see picture). it is in the last part of the bus (at the third door).

    My final question: Is there a way to repaint the bus?

    Once more, it's a great bus and i would love to see more of your work :)