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    I never get this stickers to work.
    I remember I have had exactly the same problem with MAN UL 242 from Perotinus and ratkappen on the bus, I actually never could turn it off.

    Same is here, I tried to experiment, I didnt add commands [setvar] vis_mbstern 1 [setvar] vis_mbschriftzug 1 to cti files and still, mb star is showing, but sticker not, then I tried to add commands in cti file, and put both [setvar] vis_mbstern 1 [setvar] vis_mbschriftzug 1 to 0 and again star is showing up sticker not, no matter what command i put !!

    But I will not make you any more problems with this, I simply dont know why commands dont work.

    Why the bus cant go higher than 1600 RPM but I changed in engine_constfile these numbers:

    I messed up something, I think now it is OK !!

    Very nice screenshots, looks awesome


    Dont know If you want, but would be good to have suburban seats in U version, or at least out-swing doors like in reality


    If find U versions much more interesting, than the normal city versions, especially LU and GU, but that is my point if view !!

    Anyway, keep it up, looks promising.

    I have to say congratulations, this bus is almost perfect, great job and Setra is amazing to drive !!

    I have few questions, since I never driven a Setra, why RPM doesnt want to go above 1500-1600, I mean It is pretty hard to get it above 1600, only by forcing throttle..

    Sceneryobjects\BusdriversObjekte\Stange senkrecht.sco

    I have run maptool and these are the things I am missing, I really dont know where to fins them...

    I have this problem too like other players, I have everything installed correctly, seems like it doesnt want to load the part of the map which route 450 and 452 go !!

    First of all I want to say huuuuge thanks for Morphi allowing us to download this patch, makes buy 1000x times better than in initial release


    Only thing I found wired is 1st and 2nd gear, are the little bit to short, especially first gear ?! Seems like bus would start way better if, lets say, there is no 1st gear, starting directly from 2nd ?!
    Other than than, gearbox is perfect, shift downs are amazing, you can start without a problem in steep hills !!!

    Very nice bus, since this is your both first project, I must say congratulations, I am looking forward to see it fully finished, especially to hear that OM422 V8 engine which should be 260HP If I remember correctly ?!

    O407 engine sounds is very different that O405? If I not mistake it have one engine OM447H.

    O405/G and O407 used same engine, OM447h (without turbo) and later OM447hLa (with turbo), the engine sound should be the same, especially on O407 with automatic transmission, of course that with manual gearbox, sound will always be different !!

    Kristian: I took the gearbox values from a Brochure of 1980, so they should be correct. In 1976 I found even stranger values. Perhaps your O 307 had a "Coach-Axle"? In the 1976 brochure they say you can drive 1st until 15 km/h, 2nd until 29, 3rd to 43, 4th to 64 and 5th to 94, so the engine MUST cry at 90 km/h


    That would be awesome to have that gearbox installed, with coach axle


    That's not correct. All O307 and all O407 could be ordered with a ZF 6 Gearbox. But I won't realize this in Omsi. The bus ist very good driveable with a 5 speed gearbox.

    Auf deutsch: Alle O307 und O407 waren zu allen Zeiten optional mit einem ZF-6-Gang-Getriebe bestellbar. Sogar die Bundesbahn hatte solche Busse, die z.B. in der anspruchsvollen Topographie des Harzes unterwegs waren. Ich werde aber kein 6-Gang-Getriebe umsetzen. Man kann einfach nicht alles machen. Und ich finde, der Bus fährt sich mit 5 Gängen sehr gut. Der Motor möchte doch einfach richtig ausgefahren werden


    Really ???
    Hmm, strange, didnt know that, we have had in my town over 20 pieces of O307 and they all have had 5 speed manual, I have never seen O307 with 6 speed, would be interesting


    I forget to tell you one thing which I found wrong on O307.
    Please, can you research gear ratios, I think gearbox is just too strange in your O307 what you released, 1st gear is too short and than 2nd is too long, it is big gap between these two, you can bearly make good start in 2nd, but in 1st is just way off easy, like crawler gear !!
    And final gear is too low, on 70km/h already on high revs, I remember while my mate was driving O307, we could do 90km/h pretty easily and the engine wasnt screaming in "red" zone