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    So, I tried the bus and it's just great. Good to have something different than same german stuff made by everyone. I've had big fun when making finnish liverys for this. :)

    Never noticed such a bus is in works, suddenly just saw a new thread for a new bus. I'll try this later, looks ugly but of course it's not your fault. :D

    Did you know you can still kinda open the links to the old forum? For example if you check the link to this thread it has "thread/47323" and that number there is number of thread. Links to old forum have this same number. For example you have the link to Mainz-map in readme, there is "threadID=32729" at the end of the link and that number is also the number of the thread. Just remove "47323" (+text after that) and write "32729", you should have "thread/32729". Press enter and you'll end up in to Mainz-thread. Sounds probably extremely confusing when written it's very simple.

    Anyone with the same problem?

    So, it seems I have problem with Yufa-objects, when I leave from Parkplatz and drive towards Gabelung, map doesn't load the tiles and my logfile is full of lines like these. I have reinstalled objects few times but doesn't work and yes, they are in right place. When I open the map in editor it sometimes opens correctly and sometimes not.

    If I would create free mods for the game, I would be happy if people like my stuff and are using them. So I would not care as long they aren't claiming mods are made by them.

    Why in Omsi community everything is so hard

    This is not a special "OMSI thing". This is an english board, so german law applies here.

    Is it really against the law to share free mods which are made into the game? Well, that would explain a lot of things.

    There's a way to get them, but you'll need the "Bus Operation Simulator" Addon on Steam for OMSi

    Thanks for a tip, it costs 25 € though so I rather try to remove those objects from the map by myself. Of course it would be just for the personal use.

    Quote from Semedah

    Without the permission from the original files, it is forbidden - yes.

    I understand but why? Why in Omsi community everything is so hard, they are not even payware so I just don't get it.

    So it's not possible to have background sounds anymore? It cannot be true that they aren't available anymore and we aren't able to play many lines without them. Is it really forbidden to upload those few objects?