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    Heres the log file:

    Ok,so i downloaded both parts and all the extras (all 4 of them that is) but im still getting a large part of the terrain white and passengers wont enter my bus (yes i did adjust the Rollerblind via the menu and yes i did try it with different busses) can you please help me i am looking forward to driving


    The Man Lions City (solo) display doesnt work,not via the game menu and when i try to type it in the machine whenever i click on a number it doesnt type,none of the buttons work,so people dont even enter my bus,im not sure if there is the same issue with the G/GU versions,also,when your bus is on a stop you cant hear its engine sound from the outside


    All in all it is a good bus but i expected it to be better just like Helvete,and its a shame actaully,cause the outside model of the bus is beautiful,its much better than the old Lions City,but the drivers cabin,which is the most important part-not so much unfortunately (its still passable-i would give the cabin a 6.5/10),however I am still looking forward to the Lions City U and the Citaro,but i hope you fix these first (sounds and ticket machine)


    What a beautiful bus,so anyways i am wondering what is there left to finish (sounds,scripts,model,texture)?
    Will it have a manual or automatic transmission?