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    Other buses worked? Hmm...only here in Minerva Lakópark or by another starting point too? Is the Hof file OK?

    All the other buses are working great. I Even installed new buses (Solaris Urbino 12 III (CNB)) and it works for those. I copy the Hof file from the MAN_NL_NG file then put it in the MB_ files. Still does the samething. The Signs on the bus is right. Do not know why its not working.

    I'm having an issue with the buses. When I have started the power & engine then I try clicking the drive or reverse buttons nothing happens, It does not push in. I have tried re installing the mod but it did not fix the issue. The only way I can get the bus to move is to set it in "CPU" mode. Once I have done that the buttons start working. Anyone knows how to fix this issue. Please help. Here's a video on it. Sorry it does not show the Game Menu for some reason.

    I'm getting this error on the Szombathely 2.1. I'm trying to get 2.1 working first before updating. Please help

    Here is my error log

    Okay I did what you said in I'm still getting the some white roads.

    I'm just going to play with it. Here my Setup for the game:

    Also Here my Log File

    It looks like it's not loading some texture files. What do I do? should I re-install the Map Pack? If this helps I have the steam version of Omsi 2.

    The error you are getting specifically states did you have not or not Correctly installed the add-on container.
    Maybe you have missed it in the installation manual. There are three pages of add-ons did need to be installed. The container is on the second add-on page (page 8)and is called "Overseas Container".

    Okay so I have downloaded everything you said in the installation Manual. Here is the lists. After the word download is the name of the zip or ams file name. I know some of the add-ons are in the Aachen-Walheim files. I own have 30 downloads so is that everything I need?

    Also here my download folder with all the add-ons in it.