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    It's a great addon, there's only a few bugs that I've noticed so far.

    There is a few problems with the trailer. The passengers often don't exit properly. The stand in the wrong place and walk out through the window. Also there are no standing places in the trailer.

    At the stop Gurlittstrasse in the U Borgweg direction, every passenger gets off the bus.

    Weiß jemand, wie die Events zum manuellen Öffnen / Schließen der dritten und vierten Tür heißen? Ich würde gerne die Tasten neu definieren und da ich mittlerweile eine kilometerlange Eventliste habe würde das Wissen um den Namen sehr helfen


    LG Achim

    KY_bus_doorfront2 and KY_bus_doorfront3

    Why do passengers never seem to open the second door (and third/fourth doors) themselves from the outside? They always seem to head to the front door. So far I have only had a passenger open the fourth door from the outside once. I know that there are some posts about this on the last page but they didn't seem to translate well from German. Thank you.

    I have the same problem. The buttons don't work. It's the same with the S319UL. Oddly enough, the button to turn on the AC worked the first time I tried but never worked again after that.

    I'm creating a new route for Bowdenham V4.

    I managed to get it working well but I overestimated the time required to complete the route so I tried to adjust the timetable.

    I managed to add the depot run and the first trip:

    But when I try to add the return trip this happens:

    I can't figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help me please?

    I just did the X10 route and it looks great!


    Surprisingly I didn't notice any bugs (other than usual OMSI issues), which is a first for any OMSI addon. The Zoolog. Garten area looks particularly good. It has a authentic Berlin feel to it.

    Is it realistic for the left interior lights and the heating to turn off when the bus stops? It means the bus won't heat up unless it's moving and the lights turning on and off all the time seem unrealistic. How can I stop the lights and heat turning off? Thanks.

    Otherwise a great mod!


    And one other thing, the bus can reverse at a very high speed!

    I've noticed that sometimes on big maps that the tiles in front do not load. It just happened to me on Spandau. I also had to use the task manager to close OMSI 2 as I kept getting errors as I tried to close it.